National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) Enters into a Partnership with Kredent Eduedge Pvt Ltd

Kredent Academy and are the offline and online avatars of the company respectively, which delivers scientifically designed financial market courses which will now be certified by NSE – a big boost to the next generation of financial market professionals.

In an endeavor to bridge the skill deficit in the financial sector, National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (NSE), the leading Stock Exchange of India, has recently entered into alliance with (ELM) and Kredent Academy to run online and classroom courses for the students.

With the financial markets in India having made a significant progress in the recent times, there is an urgent need to motivate every Indian to save more and grow their wealth. This will also enable them to participate and benefit from the rapid strides that India is making in terms of economic development.
ELM is a renowned name in the financial education industry in India, and this partnership aims to create a synergy between the expertise of a vast pool of market specialists associated with it, and the global domain knowledge of NSE. The courses being offered are highly career-focused and will also empower individuals to get started on the path of wealth building.

To cater to the needs of learners from every walk of life, an innovative framework for imparting conceptual and practical knowledge has already been developed jointly by NSE and ELM. The courses being offered are based on this methodology, and cover an array of highly industry-relevant topics ranging from the basics of the Indian financial markets and personal finance, to the specialized ones like Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Derivatives, Currency Markets, etc.

Upon completion of every course, the learner will receive a certification from NSE. This is an immensely valuable enhancement to every resume, and will help the student to face the interviews confidently and build a rewarding career in the financial services industry.

In the coming days, ELM plans to offer many more courses under this partnership.

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