Motor Ninja – Hyderabad's Online Platform for Complete 2-Wheeler Maintenance

We currently are operating in the Cyberabad region and our primary target market is the IT sector in this area. People working in this sector are the ones who are the most in need of time.

Founded in 2016, is a mobile website which safeguards any motorbike from the wear and tear it has to bear during its daily commute. With its strategic partnership with Authorised Service Workshops, any bike in the city now can be regularly and timely serviced.

Sujata Sangwan Interacts With Ashim Dash, Founder, Motor Ninja And Spoke To Him

The story behind the startup & founders

Our group Idea Zombies was founded by 5 friends (office colleagues & roommates). We all came together after discussing few amazing ideas over a night out. We love each other and spending time together can never get creative and amazing than this, doing something that you own and people call it changing the world!!

We all were avid bikers since the beginning. A bike has been with us for more than our parents or best of our friends in fact. We used to just ride along with our group just to any location to hangout and celebrate and we never needed any reason for it, when we were in college. As soon as we became corporate professionals, everything just seems to fade out, less rides, less time for bikes, frequent bike breakdowns. After an interesting and funny incident involving a close friend we were left alarmed and that was the genesis of realizing that we need an establishment to take care of our motor vehicles while we are busy earning money and fame. Because just like humans, vehicles have a heart and soul too, a bit stronger and resilient one though.

We (Idea Zombies) were already into socially important ideas and we always had this thing of debating about any problem and its solution for days together. We were once debating about one such idea as to which are the most painful things for us as corporate professionals and the funny story described below was the little seed to the idea being debated at large. We all wanted to save our friends and ourselves from that embarrassing situation. Period.

How did the idea came to start?

Funny Story – A friend of mine went for his first official date to a movie theatre. Movie got over, they had a good dinner, now was the time to spend some real time together and they decided to ride back home as the girl agreed. Right at the middle of the road his bike gave up, it wont start, it won't nudge. It was a hugely embarrassing situation and a genuine one on the part of the bike, never was it taken care of, never was it serviced on time nor got a visit to the service center for any kind of detailing. They just left the bike out there and had to return back. Dejected and white faced we went to fetch the bike, while he tried hard to convince up for another date. That was where we realised that if the bike would have been serviced regularly in the 3 long years, plus if they had a quick service which shows nearby mechanics, the situation would have been different and in favour of our guy. And that’s when we said, let's do this. Idea Zombies had the knack of doing always something different and out of the blue, we took 15 days to set up immensely persuasive talks with the authorized service dealers and chose a stylish name, which went by Motor Ninja, Your Bike Our Honour, By the way, We are huge fans of Ninja Turtles.

What is Motor Ninja all about?

Our startup is an end to end online bike maintenance and servicing platform. We are currently into 2 verticals.

1. Servicing of Bikes: A user can use our platform to schedule a service. Our Ninja will pick up the bike from the user’s place, get it serviced in an authorised service center and drop it back. Also we are in the process of introducing PUC & Insurance renewals as well. This will make the whole process of owning and riding a bike much easier.

2. Breakdown Assistance: Whenever a user’s bike break downs they don’t have to drag it to the nearest mechanic anymore because our platform also provides breakdown services. The user just has to enter his/her mobile number on our website and our Ninja will connect them to the nearest service centre. For this, we have tied up with a number of unauthorised service centres.

3. Insurance Renewals + PUC at doorstep.

4. Annual Maintenance of Vehicles of Logistics Companies – B2B

Funding Status

We are currently bootstrapped and invest our salaries. We are actively in search of seed funding.

How does the service workout and who is the target market?

The service that we provide works on a web/mobile platform.

For bike servicing, a user can just enter his/her mobile number on our mobile website. Our Ninja will call back in 5 mins and take down all the details about the user’s bike. The Ninja will then come to the user’s doorstep at the scheduled time, pick up the bike and deliver it to an authorised service centre. After the servicing the Ninja will drop the bike back.

For breakdown assistance, the user has to follow the above mentioned process of entering his/her mobile number and we will make sure that our Ninja connects the user to the nearest service center.

We currently are operating in the Cyberabad region and our primary target market is the IT sector in this area. People working in this sector are the ones who are the most in need of time.

We have served a total of 250+ motor bikes and 10 + car breakdowns in 90 days of existence.

What are the startups future plans?

Immediate Goal - We want to be establish Motor Ninja in Cyberabad (IT Area of Hyderabad). Want to tap the huge IT population and maintain their bikes and guard them. Total number of Bikes in this area - 4 Lakhs

Larger Goal – To Copy, Paste the above in other IT /Corporate hubs like Pune and Mumbai.

We want a bike to have all the mechanics and service dealers available at the tap of a button. Our App would be release towards end of June.

What is your startups USP?

- Our Partnership with Authorized Service Dealers in Cyberabad. They vouch for us.
- We guard the bike end to end. Every thing that is needed for the bike, we can do that.
- Our Ninjas, they are passionate B.Tech grads loving this alternate job. They go the extra mile for you.
- We deal with other motorbike tech solutions like – India Made GPS Tracking devices, Bike - Phone Chargers, Fuel Monitoring.

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