Know The Winning Formula For Entrepreneurs

According to the new-gen founder, pitching the right talent is much more difficult than pitching to an investor

An entrepreneur's success is dependent upon the value it adds to all the stakeholders, primarily to customers. Apart from that, continuously scaling and reaching out to the target audience across geographies and demographics is one of the pivotal pillars for newcomers in the market, discussed experts.

Sargam Dhawan Bhayana, Chief Executive Officer, Tressmart, said, “Building the right team and keeping them happy. No entrepreneur's success can be achieved without the right team. Have them work long-term with you. Keeping customer service at the top and constantly bringing in innovation is key."

Doing things at right time will always bring a win-win situation. “It is timing. We are in a very competitive space, so launching our business at the right time might be the key to success. We launched our platform at the time of the pandemic; the dynamics of hiring changed; millions of people lost their jobs, adoption of mobile was greater than desktop, and companies started hiring remotely. That was the best time for us to launch a new product into the competitive space", stated Raj Das, Global Co-founder and CEO, Hirect India.

Briefing about valuation, Abhishek Mishra, Chief Strategy Officer, PhysicsWallah (PW), mentioned that value creation is ahead of valuation. Making noise in the right corridor is important. Value creation is not revenue; it is the obvious by-product. We have expanded the market and penetrated the hinterland.

Mishra, said, “Choosing an investor is like choosing a life partner. If your thought process does not sync with the investors', then you have one more head to take approval from. But if you have the right partner, you have auto-approval for everything. because your vision is synced with the investors. The right partner can embellish your life. It would take your life to the next paradigm. Pitching the right talent is much more difficult than pitching to an investor.

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