IT Servicing and Consulting Company Appworks Acquires BigDrop to Boost Its IT Services

BigDrop offers custom-made software development services to Startups, SME’s and corporates.

IT Servicing & Consulting company, Appworks has acquired BigDrop, a custom software development startup for an undisclosed amount.

Appwork’s acquihire of BigDrop is primarily to bring in the excellent team of employees under its umbrella. Being an IT service provider, AppWorks needs an excellent team of talented engineers to enhance their capabilities in Services, Products, and Digital Marketing. And BigDrop brings all that and more to the table. While the acquisition helps Appworks expand its offering, it’s main interest was in the personnel; acquisition of technology was a secondary motivation.

BigDrop offers custom-made software development services to Startups, SME’s and corporates. They have proficiency in cutting-edge technologies, tools and services that ensure that it creates solutions that are fully tailored to meet customer’s business needs.

Commenting on this deal, Mr. Ashish Bhatia, co-founder, Appworks said, “We started with a typical IT Services organization but we never intended to remain one. We’ve always strived to do more and to do important stuff going beyond the resources we have. Appworks is now becoming a collection of LOBs – BigDrop, OrganIQ, UpSkill, plus a host of Start-ups. Soon with the launch of the Startup Accelerator ‘India Accelerator’, things are becoming even more interesting. Bringing the talent of BigDrop in-house enables us to accelerate our growth”.

Mr Naved Khan, Co-founder, BigDrop said, “Big Drop has always been about delivering high quality, modern, smart technology solutions to our clients. Our merger with App Works helps us get closer to this goal, leveraging their vast reach, and gaining from the experience of the excellent management team, and building solutions that impact and solve real life problems.

AppWorks started off as a niche IT Servicing & Consulting company in 2008 and has now evolved to become a holding company with strong capabilities in building IT solutions especially mobile apps, consulting MNCs on improving their software engineering practices, upskilling freshers to make them employable in Corporates & collaborating with startups to help them launch in the market. Appworks has a development team of over 50 engineers and a network of senior consultants providing value to its client partners. A few of their clients include Target, eBay, Bravura and Fidelity.

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