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How Native Advertising Is Taking Over Traditional Marketing?

“The biggest question advertisers and publishers ask from themselves is: How to bring out the best of the content present on a website by compiling it with the most suitable advertisements that go hand in hand with the entire look and feel of the content?”

Native Advertising is something that builds a relationship between the advertisements posted on any specific website or blog with the legible content present on that particular website. The term ‘native’ is often used for the purpose of inculcating a sense of belongingness between any two living/ non-living entities and when it comes to websites and advertisements, native advertising is what builds a correlation between the content and advertisement present on any webpage on the internet.

Over time, native advertising has occupied a top spot in the online world around us and this is a modern advertising concept, which has been around for too little long now. However, not many people seem to have recognized its relevance benefit in bringing out the best out of their online businesses until a few years ago when people started drawing an association between the content posted on their websites and the advertisements casted along with. One very crucial aspect of native advertising is for the advertisements to go in harmony with the look and feel of the content and the website that they are surrounded by. Over time, advertisers have also made peace with the fact that they cannot achieve desired results without incorporating smart native advertising tricks and formulas into their websites.

This is also the reason why they have patiently evolved into a smart generation of advertisers who are on top of their game when it comes to effectively as well as efficiently merging the right kind of advertisements along with the content present on a website, that most certainly is aimed at meeting the interests of a certain category of audiences.

“The biggest question advertisers and publishers ask from themselves is:  How to bring out the best of the content present on a website by compiling it with the most suitable advertisements that go hand in hand with the entire look and feel of the content?”

This question is well answered by Vladimir Bashkin, Business Development Director of AdNow (a fastest growing native advertising network) who is responsible for leading the global operations team. He is duly involved with the product development, sales as well as business development processes. He said our platform that primarily focuses on providing customers with widget-based native advertisements that work wonders when placed with relatively significant content on any website/ blog that run by a set of complicated algorithms. These algorithms are advance form of artificial intelligence technology that helps to bypass ad-blindness by bringing most suitable content, which are form of ads by not look like ads. This advertising technology has helped several websites with high revenue growth and optimum use of their content, both written and visual.

With this unique approach and innovation, AdNow has evolved as one of the best options out there for advertisers and publishers, who looking forward to promote their product with native ads and monetizing their traffic respectively.

How Native Advertising Excels Over Traditional Marketing?

When it comes to drawing comparison between native advertising and traditional marketing, it is obvious to say that native advertising is on lead with traditional marketing methods given to its strategic and innovative approach.

• Native advertising is comparatively more social than traditional marketing in terms of outreach and most importantly, wider organic reach which specifically directs people towards a desired search result.

• The ads posted through native advertising are predictable in terms of the target audiences and their scale of accessibility. This simply means that the ads posted through native advertising are more likely to go viral as compared to the traditional ones.

• Native advertisements are seen to be performing pretty well across all platforms including mobile devices given to their responsiveness. Not only this, native advertisements are of utmost relevance to the content that they are featured along with, which is the complete opposite of traditional marketing which generally doesn’t have any compliance with the content. It seems, native advertising dominating current marketing approach in 2017 and according to BI Intelligence report, just in USA it fuelled by 74% of entire ad revenue in 2021.

With so much being already said and witnessed, it seems that this much-hyped native advertising strategy is here to stay in the end, hence ensuring optimum business opportunities for everyone on the internet.

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