Healthcare Startups Which are Doing Good as well as Innovating the Healthcare Space

On the occasion of World Health Day(7th April 2018), we have listed down few healthcare startups which are doing good as well as revolutionizing the healthcare space:-

Health care presents one of the biggest opportunities for startups. According to a recent PWC report, India ranks among the top 10 global growth markets for nutritional food and beverages.

According to a United Nations Population Fund report, the number of people aged 60+ in India will increase from 100 Mn in 2011 to 300 Mn by 2050. And of these 300 Mn, 200 Mn will suffer from chronic ailments such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and more. Thus, opening up doors of opportunities for healthtech startups trying to disrupt untapped niche sectors in this space.

With investors, both venture capitalists as well as angel investors, focussing their investments towards development of robust models to solve healthcare issues plaguing Indian citizens, start-ups that are offering solutions to a lot of problems have mushroomed throughout the country. 

On the occasion of World Health Day(7th April 2018), we have listed down few healthcare startups which are doing good as well as revolutionizing the healthcare space:-


Neurosynaptic offers proven ehealth and mhealth technology solutions that bring together products, partners, and processes in the healthcare delivery ecosystem. It develops a point-of-care diagnostic device capable of performing dry chemistry tests including biochemistry tests, electrolyte tests, HBA1c, etc.

The company aims to enable access to affordable healthcare in rural and semi-urban areas, using its cloud-based telemedicine platform called ReMeDi (Remote Medical Diagnostics). The software claims to provide screening and primary diagnosis by connecting patients with doctors.

OncoStem Diagnostics

India is said to be the largest contributor of cancer-related deaths in the world with around 2.2 Mn people falling prey every year due to this deadly disease. As per doctors, 70% of the cancer patients take consultation at the terminal stage and of this maximum times, only 30% are curable. Also, there remain the chances of relapse.

OncoStem Diagnostics is trying to fill in this gap by providing personalised cancer treatment planning through the development of tests that predict the chance of recurrence in patients. It also helps patients to stay away from the costly and painful treatment of chemotherapy and its toxic effects.

Advancells – making stem cell therapy affordable

Transfiguring the face of medicine, Advancells was established in the year 2013. Delving in the field of stem cell therapies, the company has been futuristically conceptualist to further modern medicine.
Advancells is headquartered in Noida and has representative offices in Bangladesh and Australia. Breaking the stereotype regarding stem cell companies that most often offer arrangements for stem cell banking, this is one of the few organisations in the country that focuses the therapeutic usage of stem cells for a variety of life threatening and life style diseases.

Advancells also works on writing protocols for partner doctors and hospitals which they can use for treating the patients using regenerative medicine . Advancells is a GMP compliant research and processing center that works on different cell lines from various sources such as Bone Marrow, Adipose Tissue, Dental Pulp, Blood, Cord Tissue etc.

SastaSundar is a digital network for managing healthcare, pharma, and wellness product supply chain. It acts as a channel for connecting doctors, diagnostic services, health care clinics, and health information services. The focus is on using knowledge and digital connectivity to reduce cost and make the availability of high-quality medicines convenient.


Launched in 2015, SigTuple aims to create a data-driven, machine learned, cloud-based solution for detection of abnormalities and trends in medical data for disease diagnosis. The startup looks to revolutionise the global medical diagnostic space through data-driven intelligence.

SigTuple has developed a continuous learning platform powered by AI for healthcare, ‘Manthana’. It allows SigTuple to ingest visual medical data from different devices and to train, validate and execute AI and ML powered models to classify various objects of interest, detect diseases and compute the metrics for reporting.

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