Growing Comfort

The Sleep Company has become the fastest-growing mattress brand in the digital ecosystem under Priyanka Salot’s charge

What were some of the challenges your company faced in 2022 and how did you tackle these? 

I think we are a very young company, and identify ourselves as a baby that was born during Covid. We started in October 2019 and since then we have had a positive outlook. We look at every year as a year of opportunity. The business has been growing exponentially, and we have continued to delight our customers. We have continued to grow the business, for example in FY2021 we grew 500 per cent. This year we are on track to grow 300 per cent, which is also reflected in the confidence investors have in us.  

What are your expectations from 2023? Do you see growth kicking in? 

We are very optimistic that we will continue to drive the growth in a sustainable way. We don't burn money or spent exorbitant amounts attracting customers. We are unit economics positive and for us 2023 is a very exciting year, and we will continue to focus on three growth pillars that is, we want to continue being the fastest growing mattress brand in the digital ecosystem. Second, we are becoming an omni-channel brand, and we have launched four of our own experience centres. We will be growing to 20 stores by March2023 and 100 stores by March2024. Third, we have already launched ourselves in international markets like Japan and the UK, which we will be doubling down on. Fourth, we want to become the world's best comfort tech brand which means revolutionising how people sleep and sit.  

What are some of your plans for 2023?

We continue to grow exponentially, in FY2022 grew at 500 per cent versus a year ago and we continue to grow strongly in 2023. 

As a leader, what were some of the things you had to do differently in 2022, considering that there were founder troubles, restrained investment and large-scale layoffs during the year? 

I tell everyone that if you are a D2C brand, the focus should be on three things. First, on building great products that solve problems of consumers. Second, as the business grows one should be mindful that they are doing business in the right way. You have to look at the business model in a long-term sustainable way, and how are you going to create value for your consumers and stakeholders, which is very important. Thirdly, as we build a global made-in-India brand we want to build a great organisation where every single employee has the responsibility and ownership to build a global brand in a sustainable way.  

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