Globally Renowned Nutritionist Luke Coutinho Plans to Tap the Southern Markets of Hyderabad

He will also be consulting out of designated clinics, offices and studios in the Jubilee and Banjara hill areas in Hyderabad.

Celebrated and globally renowned nutritionist Luke Coutinho is now all set to offer his online services to health enthusiasts and people with disease, in Hyderabad. Having consulted with thousands of people across the globe for issues concerning to PCOD, weight loss, cancer to other diseases, Luke Coutinho, through this initiative will offer customers in Hyderabad all the nutritional iand integrative medicine information on their fingertips. Being strong on the digital front, Luke Coutinho will be having a constant connection with the customers through online mediums like Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp and email interactions. He will also be consulting out of designated clinics, offices and studios in the Jubilee and Banjara hill areas in Hyderabad.

With 24x7 online access to a nutritionist, this program will reload customers in Hyderabad with some latest nutrition, prevention, and healing trends. These include intake of a balanced nutrition, importance of adequate exercise, sleep deep, keeping mind emotionally detoxified, safely using lifestyle and diet to get people off medication and staying away from low carb diets and high protein diets to name a few. The initiative will also make clients aware of the diets that make your body compromise on the macro and micro nutrient food groups as this causes vitamin and mineral deficiencies. It also suggests that nutrition must be balanced and should revolve around simple, staple and local food.

Luke Coutinho’s success stories with clients and patients ranging from weight loss to cancer to other diseases revolve around the root cause. Figuring out the factor causing the ailment helps the nutritionist to bring about best results. By staying in constant touch with the client /patient through such mediums will allow him to evaluate their lifestyle, emotional health, dietary habits, medical conditions, and these in return will help him to draw patterns to arrive at a proper conclusion. Technology and the concept of his model to stay in touch with the client or patients and vis-à-vis fill this gap. Luke’s clientele boasts of the who’s who in the Tollywood industry ranging from movie directors, to music directors and a couple of actors and their families. He also caters to the nutritional demands of well-known Bollywood celebrities like Shilpa Shetty, Lara Dutta, Emraan Hashmi’s son, Arjun Rampal’s mother and top industrialists in the city.

Explaining the benefit of going online, Luke Coutinho says, “The nutraceutical world in current times has been positively impacted by various avenues of the fast-paced digitalization and the preference for a digital platform has increased, thanks to the ease of communication. This scenario has emphasized on the need for having a nutritionist 24 * 7 on a digital podium, to enhance the health of a client just by the click of a button, thus augmenting the process of healing. This totally eliminates the efforts taken by a client to personally consult a nutritionist and makes nutrition counseling more expedient and accessible for both the nutritionist and the client. By adapting to virtual health care the nutritionist can connect with clients at any hour of the day. Through this time-saving online procedure, I target to reach customers who are located even in remote areas for whom getting a direct access to a nutritionist would seem impossible.”

According to Luke Coutinho, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Exercise Physiologist and Founder, Pure Nutrition (Co-founder GOQii), “Technology has reached at a stage where it is possible to stay connected 24x7. Face-to-face meets always had its advantage because in my line of work I like to assess the body language and seek for bio feedback from the patient’s, to help in better understanding of their problem and offering a worth-while solution. Given the fact that my wait list is more than 400 at any given time, online interaction always helps me and my team to connect with people who don't need the face-to-face meet to start their healing process. Thanks to the advancing technology, more and more people can reach me and benefit from the services I am offering”.

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