Ghazal Alagh, Mamaearth On The Power Of Purpose

‘‘Being able to identify some of the trends in our category and cater for the different needs of consumers at different points in time helped us to reach here,’’ said, Ghazal Alagh, Co-Founder and CIO of Honasa Consumer

The purpose shapes one's career and provides proper direction to lives, especially in the field of entrepreneurship it works like fuel to accelerate businesses. In the fireside conversation with Dr Anurag Batra, Chairman, Editor-in-Chief, of BW Businessworld, Ghazal Alagh, Co-founder & CIO, Honasa Consumer said ‘‘We were never been the people who set really high goals which end up looking like unachievable rather we believe to set up smaller milestones, achieve them, feel good about it and set another goal.’’

Talking about the favourable aspects of her journey to become a unicorn Alagh said that we listened to our consumers which helped Mamaearth to stretch our business to beauty and personal care more than just baby care products.

On the opposite side, Dr Batra discussed the trend of entrepreneurship being glamorised by the media but he asked Alagh to share the hard side of entrepreneurship, to which she answered, ‘‘In the early few years when you just starting build-out its a lonely journey, no one takes you seriously till the time your business achieve a certain level.’’

She also shared that the hard part of starting a business is that one has to leave all their previous achievements and start from zero. 

However, she also considers these hard sides as stepping stones to reach where one wants to reach. 

On the sustainability part of the business, she said that the larger the category one is playing in more the opportunity will come.

The Co-founder of Honasa Consumers with Dr Batra also discussed the aspect of profit-making in the competitive market when company costs go up and margin costs go down. 

Apart from this, Alagh also informed that along with catering for the need of the consumers, her company also look after the environment and work for social causes, Mamaearth plant a tree with every order get placed.

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