Exploring New Ways To Style With Sustainability, Growing At A Rate Of 20%: Siddharth Dungarwal, Founder, Snitch

Bringing in designs influenced by trends, nature, and a modern setting is always a component of our mood board that lets us be ourselves.

What currently popular fashion trends do you think will stick around in the future? How is Snitch clothing keeping up with the latest trends every day?

Fashion has been known for pushing the envelope with fresh trends and concepts every day. A lot may be said about "classics" because of their ageless and multi-purpose nature. The simplicity and crispness of classic clothing, as well as its sumptuous construction and basic cuts, make the ensembles incredibly flexible and strong. A person is more than likely to have your fair share of t-shirts, but there's something to be said for a timeless white t-shirt that never goes out of style.

Snitch is constantly on the ball when it comes to spotting trends, ongoing or upcoming, offering an unconventional style ethos in response to the latest trends every day.

With an ever-rising competition in the fast-fashion industry. How is Snitch becoming the face of avant-garde fashion for the upcoming generations?

Snitch plans to explore and experiment with a plethora of clothing options. It focuses on minimal silhouettes with a bit of exploration - which is more functional and easier to carry but is fashionable at the same time. Bringing in designs influenced by trends, nature, and a modern setting is always a component of our mood board that lets us be ourselves. Widely known for its fast-fashion approach that captures world-class trends, designs, Snitch produces them in no time to meet customers' expectations and flaunt niche trends.

What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by the fashion industry in 2021?

In this hypercompetitive market, to provide the services and shopping experiences that consumers expect, fashion firms must be creative and inventive. From valuing values to boosting to buyer experience is something that this industry mildly struggles with.

What is the X factor behind Snitch and its clothing line?

From keeping our customers trendy to our seamless service support is something that keeps us close to our customers. Taking in inspiration from around the world, Snitch caters to your everyday needs, right from corporate wear, to party wear as well as loungewear. Snitch Plus offers an unconventional style statement for men of all sizes and brings out the best of personalities through clothing.

What are your expansion and funding plans? 

Currently, we are a bootstrapped company. We're looking for the seed round and may close the round very soon.

Any recent developments in the company?

Snitch has accomplished 5X growth in FY 2021-2022 and has seen a significant increase in its staff size from 4 to 80+. It was awarded the Indian Achiever's Award in 2020.

Snitch launched its first advertisement with renowned dancing sensation, Salman Yusuf Khan. Moreover, the brand is constantly looking at new ways to style with sustainability that produces eco-friendly clothing.

Can you talk about the overall growth of Snitch since its inception in 2019?

Snitch began with a small number of 100 products and quickly expanded to over 1000 products and variants in no time. In terms of monthly sales increases, we are growing at a rate of 20%. In less than 60 days, we had 100K+ app downloads and aired our first advertising, which featured one of the most prominent dance artists, Salman Yusuf Khan. Currently, we have achieved 1.50 lakh app downloads along with a happy customer base of 2.5 lakh.

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