Dhruv Davar and His Penchant for Inextis

The first sparks of Dhruv’s passion had begun to show up while he was still studying engineering. He freelanced and worked on different events in the campus.

“An idea is a delusion without proper execution” says Dhruv Davar, CEO & Founder, Inextis Events - one of the most promising event management company in India which has taken aback the events industry by winning 8 awards in a row, including the Best Marketing Startup of the year award. And 2017 is yet to get over! Inextis Events is an events and experiential on-ground marketing agency catering to the country’s Top Corporates.

An inspiring cricketer who has shared the pitch with Virat Kohli, had a great cricketing career ahead but destiny had its own plans. When an illness had put his cricketing ambitions at bay, he followed suit and earned an engineering degree. But suddenly Dhruv had a remarkable realization – that he could ‘work’ during the day and have ‘fun’ at night which led him to find a way to have fun at work. After completing his engineering course, Dhruv went ahead to pursue a diploma in event management.

“As a kid, I could relate to two things - sports and entertainment. While growing up, I started to play cricket and soon made a mark. I played with the best & made it to the probable list for Delhi under 15 cricket team. However, I couldn’t continue my career in cricket due to a medical illness. So I decided to follow my second love – Entertainment! And what could be better than starting a career in the event industry.”

The first sparks of Dhruv’s passion had begun to show up while he was still studying engineering. He freelanced and worked on different events in the campus. Before launching Inextis, Dhruv has worked as a freelancer for some fashion shows, Commonwealth Games - 2010 and various other multiple places before joining a top event company in New Delhi where he learned the nitty-gritty of the event business. After working with these companies for a brief period of three years, Dhruv moved on to launch his dream company Inextis Events.

“It wasn’t a cake walk specially since I wanted to do it away from home, in the maximum city of Mumbai. Convincing the family of irrational decisions is always the interesting part, but I remember when I was 16, I had once told my father that I want to be an entrepreneur but wasn't sure of the business. He promised when I have an answer, he will support me. And he did when it was time.”

He further says, “I still remember the day I had returned to Mumbai after executing my first project in Delhi as an entrepreneur, I called up my closest friend and told him I can finally relate to myself. Entrepreneurism is like a rollercoaster going up and down. Finally, since you know you chose to sit on it - so it’s worth it.”

The journey which started in 2013 with a handful of people is now a company with a plush office in Mahim (Mumbai) and a team of highly skilled professionals. Today the company has proved its mettle in a short span of time and Dhruv Davar confidently claims not to have lost a single event pitch made by them between Nov’16 to April’17. This says it all and today Inextis Events is working with the Fortune 500 companies and companies that any event company would vouch to work with. Inextis believes in quality work and aims to stick to the basics. That is why that within only three years Inextis has done some fabulous work, has created an intellectual property, which is a part of Asia book of records and has a fabulous team which loves what they do. At present the company has a lot on its platter. It is busy with new projects. A pan India activation for an automobile client is queuing up, Inextis has locked a yearly calendar for a jewellery exhibition throughout the country, a bunch of corporate events, annual days etc.

But the road to success is not easy as it seems. Dhruv has worked very hard for the same.

“Its never about the idea, its about living with this every day of your life. Even if the odds are against you. Entering competitive market, doing it in one of the world’s most expensive city aren’t the best odds to have.”

What is that which excites you in your business? “When I stand at the console, there’s no other place in the whole world where I would rather be. When I’m running the show, it gives me the biggest high. Do it flawlessly, and it is ecstasy!”

Dhruv Davar’s other thrills come from meeting renowned people in the corporate world, going neck to neck with the best in the business, working with celebs and brands across all segments are what keeps him going. But the best feeling, he says, is that no matter what happens – you know it’s your decision, and that’s what makes it worthwhile.

Dhruv loves to interact with people and is an influencer. “Every big moment in my business comes with its adrenalin rush, but recently we got a standing ovation by a conference room full of people when we finished our pitch presentation. It gives you shiver but a good one,” gushes Dhruv on being asked about his best experience so far.

The company is growing multiple folds under Dhruv Davar’s acumen. As an end note Dhruv reiterates that “I and the people at Inextis believe in living for a name. I want a name which is recognized from miles away and that’s what keeps me going.”

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