Company’s Future Associates With AI & ML: Says, Experts

In the world of AI and ML, performance of technology and the people who build it is extremely important

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are revolutionising companies and industries in every possible way. AI/ML helps companies reach customers in a smarter and faster fashion and data plays a key role in it. Through these, companies are able to achieve a high level of efficiency in data analysis which impacts their entire business.

Speaking on efficiency in the manufacturing sector with AI and ML, Saurabh Deep Singla, CHRO, upGrad, said 20 years back if you had to assemble a car you would take about three days for one car. If you had to print a bill it had to be a huge effort. But today, within a minute, the car comes out in seconds and we can print millions of bills. And all of this is possible because we are learning with machine learning and AI.

Avinash Dhagat, VP – Supply Chain, Mamaearth, affirmed that every industry has seen the emergence of certain technologies and those technologies help the industry to grow in a certain way. He added AI and ML is amongst these technologies, but they have contributed in a bigger way to every industry.

In the world of AI and ML performance of the technology and the performance of the people who build that technology is extremely important.

Accepting AI and ML as a big opportunity, Ashutosh Kumar, Head of Engineering – Adaptive Computations, Caliche said, “Probably, we are the largest exporter of the software. It can help us where we can really dominate the market of developing and deploying AI enable technology.”

Arindam Das, Co-Founder and CEO, Mirasys India, highlighted the importance of data, he said that the companies which are best run are data-driven. “If you are not using the data which any company would have then you are fools in this world.”

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