Choose Your Co-founders Wisely : Priyanka Madnani, Co-founder, Easy to pitch

In an interview with BW Disrupt, Priyanka Madnani, Co-founder, Easy to pitch ,talks about company, challenges, funding and more.

1.Brief us about your business model like how did the idea came to start and how does it work (step by step procedure)?

Easy to Pitch was incepted out of our experiences. Prior to this, I started Cheapest and Nearest – a vendor listing platform that made us go through the struggles of preparing a professional yet impactful pitch deck for funding. This made us realize the need for making the‘founders pitch ready’.

India is one of the biggest emerging start-up hubs globally. According to the estimates, it has the 3rd largest start-up ecosystem in the world which is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 12-15% YoY. Given the present market dynamics, there is a huge gap between the number of start-ups establishing and incubators and accelerators preparing them for fundraising. 

Easy to Pitch works as a one-stop pitching solution for start-up founders and entrepreneurs looking for raising capital. We are primarily known for the instant building of business plans, founder grooming, and pitch decks to create powerful success stories.Based on the idea to make the ‘founders pitch ready’, Easy to Pitch goes beyond creating conventional pitch decks and work on the valuation aspects as a long-term helping hand to maximize the chances of fundraising. 

The company works on a B2B business model and offers a comprehensive range of services for making a strong pitch presentation including – building investment decks and financial valuation along with grooming of founders. It's the only organization that reviews the pitches with Zero Charge. To make it easy for incubators and accelerators, it prepares the founders for the demo day and provides special mentoring sessions for their pitch grooming.

2.What are the unique key points of your company?

Easy to Pitch is known for fleshing out winning business ideas followed by building influential business plans and pitch decks. We are committed to putting deliberate efforts into the grooming of founders through extensive and personalized support. 

As a start-up grooming company, we are dedicated to the start-up ecosystem and organize short institutional cohorts every year that prepares the start-ups for the demo day and providing them special mentorship for their grooming. The cohort training is commenced by industry leaders that make the selected founders’ investment ready and help them in the acquisition of funds for business acceleration. 

To provide expert assistance, we have recently launched India’s first helpline for founder’s assistance. The newly launched feature helps them in finding the right solution to their problems associated with start-up building, vendor management, etc. over a quick call. It not only guides the aspiring entrepreneurs but also helps in removing the roadblocks in their business journey. 

3. How are you different from the existing competitors?

None of the existing competitors in India have one stop pitching, some are serving for pitch deck and some for financial valuation, but easy to pitch provides one stop solution where the founders can get solutions for investments and fund raise, mentoring and founder grooming which is first time in india we brought up.Also we will be first one in India to bring in the automated tool to create their business plan and pitch deck.

4.What is the funding status and monetization model?

We are aggressively focusing on raising funds to expedite the process of building an integrated tool for automating the process of creating pitch presentations. We have already approached several angel investors and expecting to close the deal by January 2021. As part of the monetization model, we help founders to create pitch decks, business plans and groom them for pitching, and also help them with financial valuation. Additionally, our customized packages – designed as the stage and requirements of the start-up contributes to the monetization model of the company. 

5. What challenges are you facing in running your business?

The challenge that we overcomed was 90% of the founders did't know whom to talk to for their problems of pitching.Every founder wants to pitch their idea to the community,this was the biggest problem where no one knew their coulb be such solutions at one stop for pitching and grooming and investment.Awareness was the biggest challenge initially. We over comed with hiring challeges, initially it was difficukt but now we have overcomed it very well.

6. How has been the people's response so far?

Within a span of three years, we have received an overwhelming response from our clients. With over 20+ financial experts, analysts, designers, and startup enthusiasts having extensive experience across multiple domains in the market, we are continuing to maintain a highlevel of customer satisfaction. We have successfully served more than 500start-ups and reviewed 5000+ revenue decks in 11+ cities.

7. What are the traction details (like users, other achievements of the company)?

Grown from 5 people to 30 people, soon will become 50 people company in this financial year. This was a great achievement, we grew not only with business but also with the team and we are excited to solve the problems of the founders.

In this year, we touched more than 1000 startups ,we not only helped in pitch deck but also grooming them, mentoring them and hence connecting them with the investors.making there financial valuation which are investor ready, we were successful enough to help more than 100 startups pan india

8. How do you look at expansion? 

Easy to Pitch caters to more than 11 cities across the country including Delhi, Gurgaon, and Mumbaiwith its innovative pitching solutions. The company sees a huge potential in entrepreneurs emerging from tier 1 and 2 cities is planning to expand its footprints to Chhattisgarh, Raipur, Telangana, Nagpur, Dehradun, and many other emergent markets. Besides the start-up founders and entrepreneurs, it is also planning to acquire a budding student entrepreneurs base who are passionate about building a start-up and focuses on their holistic grooming before they face the investors for fundraising. 

9. What are your marketing plans?

Easy to Pitch focuses on digital and offline marketing strategies.We are collaborating with several incubators and accelerators and also organizing virtual and offline start-ups- oriented initiatives. We invite top entrepreneurs and industry leaders to discuss the challenges that a start-up goes through in the initial stage and help them build a winning business idea. 

On the digital front Easy to Pitch is a name that goes well with our SEO strategy. Any entrepreneur searching for information related to pitching will eventually land on our webpage that raises brand awareness. Furthermore, our exclusive helpline initiative is also gaining huge popularity among the founders who need instant guidance in their entrepreneurial journey at zero cost. 

10. What has been the biggest learning so far? 

Choose your co-founders wisely.

11. What is the market size and opportunity?

There is a steep surge in the number of start-ups existing in the country. According to a report, the Indian start-up ecosystem has grown immensely from 24K start-ups in 2014 to a projected number of 55K by the end of 2020. This exponential boom in the start-up ecosystem is widening the gap between the number of start-ups and accelerators. Moreover, the ‘AtmaNibhar Bharat Abhiyan’ is giving a tremendous push to aspiring entrepreneurs to come up with innovative and problem-solving ideas and build a sustainable business around it. 

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