CKdezign - Customizes Products Like Scarves and Stoles on Buyers Choice

In an interaction with Sujata Sangwan of BW Disrupt, Charu Kumar (Founder, CKdezign) shared details about her venture

Charu is and from Punjab Engineering College. She has 14 years of working experience in field of science, teaching and computers. She is an influential writer. She is regularly invited to various colleges, institutions and companies for motivational talk and entrepreneurial skills.

She is running her own company named CKdezign which provides customized scarves for men and women throughout the world. While speaking about her venture, Charu Kumar (Founder, CKdezign, Speaker & Actor, Traveler, Blogger & Writer) said, “We are shipping the products and we are creating it as per customer requirement like whatever dimension they want & whatever fabric they want. In this venture of mine I have also recruited girls and ladies who are not accepted by the society like acid victims or abused married ladies so they all are working with my fashion house.”

She is also a consultant to various startups and have helped in many organisations gain momentum. Commenting on how she is helping startups, she added, “We are providing digital marketing to them. Also we are offering a platform like how to create a website, how to launch a website and how to promote it over social media.”

“CKdezign is just 5 months old but we have been able to capture the international market and we have already started shipping to Canada & US. We have orders lined up for India. I want to make this venture global and want to incorporate and help as many women I can. I would probably increase more production as well.”

She relies on breaking challenging and complex behavioural goals into first principles; and creating the support framework and momentum for individuals to be successful in achieving their goals. Charu believes implicitly in the power of experiences, experiments and reflections to deliver growth; some of her ardent engagements include theatre, music, spiritual practices and travel.

When asked about what qualities a founder should have to run a business successfully, she mentioned, “First is perseverance, second is resilience and third is believing in yourself. You will obtain failure initially but keep going, you will definitely reach your dreams.”

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