Biryani By Kilo Hopes to Make Biryani Much Bigger Than Pizza Category All Over India and Worldwide

BBK Kebabs, kormas & Phirnis beautifully accentuate their Biryani menu and are also considered best in India.

Biryani as a category is witnessing the fastest growth in Indian F&B sector as it is a complete meal and delivery friendly. Biggest organized Indian players in Biryani are sub Rs 100 cr yearly sales currently vis a vis organized players in Pizza where Dominos is at approx. Rs 2000 cr yearly sales. Big organized Biryani players should emerge in India with Rs 300-500 cr annual sales in next 3-5 years, and we believe that Biryani By Kilo with a very passionate and experienced team, will lead the Biryani/Kebab Category.

Gurugram-based food startup Biryani By Kilo, operated by Sky Gate Hospitality Pvt Ltd., was launched in May 2015 by Kaushik Roy and Vishal Jindal. The startup uses the best ingredients including branded rice specially aged around 2 years, spices handpicked from Kerala, and most stringently selected meats & vegetables for its Biryanis & Kebabs. Apart from this, BBK uses world class technologies, processes & systems to give the best quality, standardization, hygiene & convenience to customers and the ability to order online or through app or call centre.

                            Biryani By Kilo co-founders (L-R) Vishal Jindal and Kaushik Roy

While speaking about the inception, Kaushik Roy, Founder & CEO of BBK said, “I have been in F&B industry from last 22 years. My last job was in an investment firm where I was doing investments in biryani category. Then I realised that nobody was serving fresh biryani across the country and saw that there is a huge opportunity to get into the fresh biryani category. This is how the idea came to start Biryani By Kilo.”

Vishal Jindal, Co-Founder & Director also added, “I have been in the field of investment banking, private equity & venture capital earlier. I have invested in the food services category in public market and private market both in India and Asia. There is no Dominos or Mcdonalds from India which is gone out and captured the huge market. There is no billion dollar company from India. Biryani presents a perfect opportunity to grow all over India and worldwide.”

BBK delivers both authentic taste of Hyderabadi (Kutchi) and Lucknowi (Pukki) Biryani prepared with the freshest ingredients in individual earthen Handis which are delivered with their own personal angethis underneath to keep the food warm. Also the company offers Kolkata Biryani which is a sub variant of Lucknowi Biryani. BBK makes fresh biryani for every individual order and offers 90 minutes delivery time, and deliver it in the Handi in which it was cooked.

BBk currently have 7 kitchens in NCR and planning to cover most of the big cities like Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai etc. in India in next 2 years and abroad too including UAE & US. Next month, the firm is launching its operations in Mumbai.

“Going forward, we might have 8-10 delivery outlets in a city plus one dining outlet where the firm will have more varieties of biryanis and kababs all over the world,” added BBK’s founders.

The company had secured an angel funding of Rs 2.5 crore in February 2017 from various investors including Chandigarh Angels Network; ex-Evalueserve Chief Operating Officer Ashish Gupta; GlobalLogic's Sunil Singh, US-based IT entrepreneur Alok Bhatia; and AxisCades Engineering Technologies Ltd's Rohit Chand and his son Ashish Chand (through their family fund Yukti Securities), at a valuation of over Rs 14 cr. Biryani By Kilo also received Pre Series A funding in October 2017 from existing investors including Rohit Chand and his son Ashish Chand; promoters & senior management from Smile, AdvantEdge, Carlyle, Startup Equity, Thapar group & more. 

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