Behind Every Successful Entrepreneur is a Mother!

Being an entrepreneur is hard, being a mother is tougher.

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A mother is not just our guardian but a mentor,24*7 adviser, consultant, problem solver and what not...

When you decided to start out on your own, who was the one who believed beyond doubt that you will succeed? Your Mother, of course. Being an entrepreneur is hard, being a mother is tougher.

Here are few Startup Heroes sharing the best piece of advice given by their Super-Moms which helped them throughout their journey!

Neha Bagaria, CEO & Founder, JobsForHer -

"Make yourself so strong that God asks you what do you wish for", My mom always told me to focus on being independent and strong both in my personal and professional life. To never hide behind any excuses or feel its not going to be worth it. 

Aditya Loomba, Joint Director, Eco Rent a Car - 

"My mother is the first teacher of my life and has always been my strength. From the day I have started understanding things she has taught me a lot at every step of life. Maintaining discipline, managing work life balance, being strong during tough times are all the attributes that i have got from her." 

Varun Khaitan, Co-founder, -

“My mom is the most simple principled person I know in the world. one piece of her guidance has stuck with me - constantly focus on giving back to the world and the people you interact with all the means you have, don't really focus on your own needs - they will automatically get taken care of.”

Yogesh Ghorpade, Founder and Managing Director, Uplodefoodie -

“As I have always been an inquisitive person and this nature of mine is what my mother nurtured in me. She cultivated the nature of not killing the curiosity and I believe this curiosity has taken me to successful grounds.”

Manu Jolly, CEO & Co-Founder, Digiperform -

“One advice given by my Mom that has always helped me is to stay True and Honest not only to the outside world but to yourself. It sounds clichéd but that’s one advice I've always stuck to. Sometimes in the short run, it has lead to unfavourable results but I've always gained in the long run. Another advice which was given to me by my grandmother which stands above all is 'Listen to everyone but do what you think is righ.t"

Gurinder Bhatti, Chairman & Managing Director, ESS Global -

"My mother always guided me to be grounded and never forget the humble background i come from. She always guided me no matter how successful you become but always remember the struggles you have faced as those are the real lessons of life. My mother is my biggest motivation and my teacher wherever i stand today is because of her. She always taught me to do good and good will happen to me as what goes around comes around. These golden words of her i always keep in my mind and try to improve myself everyday."  

Vishwavijay Singh, Co-founder, -

“My mother has a tremendous capacity to face any eventuality – an admirable quality that I have tried to imbibe to the best of my abilities. No matter what odds she faces, she remains calm and patient. This very quality has helped her withstand very tough times and come out victorious. Her other qualities which have influenced me are her inherent benevolence and her innate belief in giving second chances to people. A lot of people usually give one chance to others but I have seen my mother trusting people for longer times and giving them enough opportunities to live up. I truly believe these are great traits to exemplify in today’s world and I do all I can to emulate her in this regard."

Vishal Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, Momspresso -

“The best learning I received from my Mom is to choose my friends wisely as we're influenced and defined by the company we keep. This is something I've always followed through school, college, work and even whilst choosing my co-founders.”

Raman Narula, Founder & Managing Director, Formula Group -

"Always be in touch with ground reality. Your feet should always touch the ground as you try and fly high. This was a great learning as I make sure i constantly connect with the frontline field team of executives to know their pulse and understand their challenges."

Sunil  Gupta,Founder & Director, -

“A teacher by profession, a mentor who loved to nurture, my mother has always been a source of strength for me. She had strongly inculcated the values of life in me n my siblings that has been a core to the way we lead our personal and professional lives. "Strive for perfection" was a gem she gifted me. According to her it was a constant pursuit towards perfection that made life worthwhile. It is something that is close to my heart and a part of my venture, it's services, our team and it's always spelled success.” 

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