Aurum PropTech Acquires MYRE Capital’s Platform, Launches Aurum WiseX

Aryaman Vir, Former Founder and CEO, MYRE Capital has been appointed as the CEO of Aurum WiseX

Aurum PropTech acquires the assets and technology platform from MYRE Capital and also, launches Aurum WiseX, a digital distribution vertical for Real Estate Investments. 

Aryaman Vir, Former Founder and CEO, MYRE Capital has been appointed as the CEO of Aurum WiseX and there will be a continued focus on utilising technology to offer products for its rapidly growing customer segment.

Under Aurum WiseX, the first platform will be ‘YieldWiseX’, that will offer Commercial Real Estate (CRE) and Lease Rental Discounting (LRD) structured debt along with other innovative frameworks for its customers. As per the planned transition, the existing MYRE Capital team, tech stack, customers and partners will be migrated to the new vertical, Aurum WiseX. The team has a strong DNA with an emphasis on secured and curated investments.

Speaking about the acquisition, Ramashrya Yadav, Director of Aurum PropTech and Founder of Integrow Asset Management said, “Setting up Aurum WiseX under Aryaman Vir is a key step towards strengthening our Capital cluster under Aurum’s flourishing PropTech ecosystem. We have always aimed to harness the power of technology in the real estate sector and the investment space offers high potential to achieve that. India being the fastest growing economy, we believe that we will witness an exponential interest for investing in real estate. The Aurum WiseX platforms and incoming team under Aryaman Vir are poised to capitalize on this demand using technology as a key enabler.”

Aryaman Vir, CEO of Aurum WiseX said “We are delighted to begin our new journey with Aurum PropTech and the strategic transaction marks a crucial step towards scaling our vision and platforms. This will be a great opportunity for both the entities to leverage their collective strengths and expertise. Our vision is to become a global leader in commercial real estate and alternative investments, under ‘Aurum WiseX’. With a focus on value creation, innovation and expansion, we aim to offer high-yield investment opportunities through our tech-enabled platform, YieldWiseX.”

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