Agrocorp Landbase Aims to Generate 300 Crores in Revenues

With their particularly specialised services ranging from farm management, consultancy, and land investments, Agrocorp aspires to make land investment secure, seamless, and a hassle-free experience for young India.

Agrocorp Landbase might be the boldest young company in the real estate space, an industry that has been plagued by outdated practices and philosophy, to revolutionize land ownership and reinvent the land investment segment. The Purpose of the Twins, Arush and Ayan, is to make land investments accessible for everyone. The new generation of India feels like the space hasn’t kept up with the pace and demands of new India and thus many are reluctant to invest in land, which is a shame as a land investment can not only reap abundant financial returns but also bring about positive changes in one’s attitude and perspective of the world. Agrocorp was painfully aware of this disconnect in the market and has made significant strides to bridge this gap over the last 10 years, and they are just getting started.

Agrocorp began to land bank with a sole motive to consolidate land with clear legal titles. Agrocorp’s ethics of entering only into the clean lands have kept it litigation-free and investor-friendly. Agrocorp has served many reputed business houses and families over the years for their land needs like land for business, farmhouse investments or long-term land investments. They classify land into different sub-segments and create an investor-friendly ecosystem for authentic, quick and safe land transactions. They are targeted not specifically to anyone’s economic group or age or locality rather towards anyone who feels left out with the way things are going in the industry. Their main aim is to induce into the industry, the ease of doing business with trust and safety, which the land investment segment has always been devoid of. They recognize that young India wants to invest in the land but also strongly demands safety, ease of transaction and upgrade in status and self-image; and Agrocorp does a beautiful job of facilitating the fulfillment of these unique desires.

The folks at Agrocorp are achieving their goals of a more exciting and beneficial real estate industry in the successful roles of land advisory, land investment and managed farm communities. As Land advisory, they guide their customers for their specific requirements and structure and facilitate land acquisition for them from start to end. As land investment giants they help their clients fulfil their goal of financial freedom by structuring investments in pre-identified growth zones which are bound to reap returns over a stipulated period of time. The major distinction from advisory here is that this is for investors who want to invest in land with short, medium and long-term goals. Agrocorp’s role starts right from identifying the zone itself and entry and exit parameters are fixed as per the goals of the investor. Their most innovative role is engaging in Managed Farm Communities: This is a niche that was developed by Agrocorp and introduced in the Bengaluru market to enable investors to invest in land in an organized way in 2016 for small ticket size investors.

The company boasts an impressive record of completing various ambitious projects. In the last 5 years, they have delivered more than 300 acres of land to the satisfaction of 500 happy families. Their latest success story is The Palm Reserve. The Palm Reserve is an exclusive community of 51 farms located just 45 minutes away from Bengaluru international airport on NH 7. It’s a unique model under which every investor who buys a farm gets a developed and secure farm with managed vegetable, fruit and herb garden in their farm. By investing in farm communities the investor gets invested in the most rewarding asset class i.e. Land and at the same time adds value to their family’s lifestyle. The investment starts from only Rs 25 Lakhs onwards making land investment accessible to a majority.

The company aims to generate up to 300 crores in revenues from 3 new managed farm communities within 45 minutes of the city centre of Bengaluru in the next two years. These communities will be a gateway for young India to invest in land in potential growth zones while owning an asset that will offer a sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle amidst nature for their families in a secure and convenient structure. The plan of Agrocorp is to transform more than 200 acres of land into flourishing and sustainable farm communities. They plan to integrate solar power and water harvesting in these communities in order to make the communities completely self-sustainable and independent.

This will be a major milestone in their pan-India ambitions. Their growth is propelled by favourable law changes in various states as governments all across the country realize a flourishing real estate industry has to be supported by appropriate laws. The founders of Agrocrop, Ayan Nagpal & Arush Nagpal state, “ Even though we have been serving customers for more than a decade there is a feeling we are just getting started. We hope to completely dismantle and re-assemble the space in the image of young India. The possibilities are endless”

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