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8 New Age SaaS Startups That You Must Be Aware Of

Happy Visitor is a cloud based visitor management solution which handles enterprise wide visitors, temp staff and any other category of visitors. It aims at making the check-in, waiting and check-out process of a visitor hassle free.

8 New Age SaaS Startups That You Must Be Aware Of
8 New Age SaaS Startups That You Must Be Aware Of
8 New Age SaaS Startups That You Must Be Aware Of
8 New Age SaaS Startups That You Must Be Aware Of
8 New Age SaaS Startups That You Must Be Aware Of

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It is sometimes referred to as "on-demand software". SaaS is here to take over the business scenario in India as it is low-cost, subscription-based & can be accessed anywhere & anytime. New age Indian startups are gaining momentum in the SaaS space.

Here is a list of 8 such new age startups:


FOUNDERS: Khadim Batti & Vara Kumar

FOUNDED IN: April 2013

DESCRIPTION: Whatfix, is a SaaS-based company that helps companies create and integrate interactive walkthroughs on any website or web-app. Whatfix empowers technical writers with an easy to use & DITA compliant authoring tool to create product help and documentation. The documentation created using Whatfix is dynamic in nature and is auto-generated into an article, slideshow, and video formats.


Ø  Whatfix was awarded as "Best Startup in Asia." - Seoul, October, 2014

Ø  It was also awarded as "Top ten amongst innovative products in India. " - Bangalore,April, 2014

Ø  It was Recognized by “Unpluggd for launch." - Bangalore, June, 2013


FOUNDER: Manohar Chapalamadugu

FOUNDED IN: May 2012

DESCRIPTION: Agile CRM is a leading sales, marketing and service CRM for small businesses. Complete with everything from web popups and email templates to telephony integration and advanced sales and marketing automation, Agile is designed to help you sell and market like the Fortune 500, at a fraction of the cost. Agile CRM involves full engagement of customers with the brand by using banners, emails and even Salesforce automation techniques.

TRACTION: Agile CRM is trusted by over 8000+ Businesses. Some of them are Indeed, The Next Web, Fedelity Bank and Hirebridge.


FOUNDERS: Sudhakar Gorti & Sukhbir Kalsi


DESCRIPTION: LeadSquared is a Marketing Software company helping small & medium businesses drive revenue by aligning their marketing and sales activities. They help businesses streamline their sales processes. Their software help brands capture leads, nurture them and accelerate sales, all in one place. LeadSquared Marketing Software helps small businesses automate and streamline their complete marketing and lead generation process, right from lead capture to final conversion.

In 2013, Leadsquared announced the launch of their Beta Version, ‘LeadSquared Beta’.


FOUNDERS: Nischal Shetty, Siddharth Menon, Sameer Mhatre & Anirudh Khusape

FOUNDED IN: February 2010

DESCRIPTION: Crowdfire is a product to get more targeted engagement and followers on Twitter and Instagram. It intends to power connections that will help users achieve the social media goals they have - be it brand recognition, individual popularity, more sales, clients or fans. It is a social media management tool that shows you who your un-followers on Twitter are. This is great for active engagement on the platform.

Crowdfire app is available on Web, Android & iOS.


Ø  Current user base: Over 10 million users (businesses - big and small, entrepreneurs, indie artists, individuals)

Ø  Active user base: Over 350,000 active daily, 3 Million active monthly


FOUNDER: Vimal Kumar


DESCRIPTION: Juspay is the simplest way to make online payments in India. It is the world’s first Mobile Payment Browser for secure 1 click experience. It aims at simplifying the digital payment process even through times of heavy traffic on the website.

Juspay’s Express Checkout is a SaaS layer on top of Payment gateways to simplify integration, improve robustness and ease the management of diverse and rapidly evolving payment options in India.

TRACTION: In February 2016, Juspay had secured Rs. 40 crore in series-A round of funding from Venture Capital firm Accel Partners.


FOUNDERS: Shivakumar Ganesan, Sid Ramesh, Ishwar Sridharan


DESCRIPTION: Exotel is a cloud telephony platform for modern Indian business. They provide one phone number for your business on which you can simultaneously receive and make hundreds of calls and SMS, at the same time. All this, without the hassle of an EPABX/PRI line at your end. They provide a suite of tools with which you can manage all your sales, marketing and customer care channels, from your dashboard.

TRACTION: Exotel, cloud telephony platform is trusted by 1300+ companies of all sizes.


FOUNDERS: Lokanathan Kutuva & Venkatesh Kutuva


DESCRIPTION: Kreato CRM is a cloud based complete & integrated Customer Relationship Management solution from India, built exclusively for small & medium businesses. It empowers businesses across industries to streamline and automate sales & pre-sales, increase sales productivity and deliver excellent customer support.

Kreato is the flagship product owned by Navrita Software Pvt. Ltd. (Chennai, India)

ACHIEVEMENTS: Kreato CRM was awarded the Best IT/ITes Startup 2014 at CII Startupreneurs 2014.


FOUNDERS: V V Subramaniam & Krishna RK


DESCRIPTION: Happy Visitor is a cloud based visitor management solution which handles enterprise wide visitors, temp staff and any other category of visitors. It aims at making the check-in, waiting and check-out process of a visitor hassle free.

TRACTION:Since it’s inception in the year 2013, Happy Visitor e-Solutions Ltd. has grown as one of the leaders among visitor management products.

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