6 Popular Venture-Backed Companies That May Launch IPO In 2022

With the power of alternate datasets, Synaptic has identified a list of 20 venture-backed entities globally that would be aiming for an IPO in 2022 including the likes of Byju’s, Flipkart, Ola, OYO, PharmEasy and Pinelabs from India

With major Indian ventures launching their IPOs in 2021, and market speculations being rife, investors are curious about other Indian companies in the cue. With potential in the market looking up with the pandemic on its last leg, investor appetite has heightened in public markets for new age companies/tech companies and hence how such ventures are looking to take this route. 

And this analysis needs to go beyond traditional financial information resources to have a deep understanding of the true potential of a candidate, and estimated valuations before investing their money. In this regard, alternative data points, as used in the report, helps investors get a holistic sense of how these companies are performing. The concerned report by Synaptic too is trying to provide a view into other metrics about the companies so that investors get integrative data points that aid their decision making process.

Given the scenario, Synaptic in collaboration with Similarweb has leveraged the power of alternative data to provide potential investors with actionable insights, such that they can invest with data-driven confidence, having full visibility and real-time insights into the digital performance of companies. Besides the total visits and unique visitor percentage, data scientists at Synaptic have also called out details around funding received by each of these companies in recent times,  proxy performance metrics like growth in employee count, website engagement and interest from notable investors to add more optics to the decision making process.

Key highlights on Indian entities preparing an IPO in 2022 include:

OYO IPO: The widely popular OYO rooms and motels are expected to go public soon. The company is aiming to raise funding from investors in the hotel industry.

OLA IPO: With an initial public offering (IPO), OLA too, intends to enter the market. ,. Other investors in the company, such as Tiger Global, Matrix Partners, Sequoia Capital, SoftBank, GIC, and Temasek, will benefit from the IPO by being able to sell their shares or depart to pay the shareholders' monies.

PHARMEASY IPO: PharmEasy, a medication delivery app, also pans go public in recent future. In November 2021, the firm filed for an initial public offering (IPO).

BYJUS IPO: The educational learning and interactive app is also planning to go public sooner than later.

Commenting on the report, Rohit Razdan, Co-Founder, Synaptic, said, “We launched Synaptic with the sole purpose of enabling VCs and PEs to make better investment decisions by making sense of the vast volumes of alternative data being generated as all aspects of businesses get digitized. 2021 was a busy year with respect to venture-backed companies going public - we saw some Indian venture-backed companies hitting the markets as well. More well-funded venture-backed companies continue to evaluate this option, and hence we wanted to create a report to share some interesting alternative data metrics on some such companies. Our aim is to bring the power of data and AI to investment research and help leading financial firms transform their investment research."

According to Ed Lavery, Similarweb Director of Investor Intelligence, “Similarweb is very pleased to be working with Synaptic to provide investors with greater visibility into Pre IPO companies and empower them to make better-informed decisions. Our unique insights combined with Synaptic’s data sources and predictive engine offers a powerful combination for analyzing non-public companies, which is often a black hole in terms of market information,” Lavery added.

The capabilities of Similarweb, a digital intelligence company who is popular and trusted by the global trading community for their data methodology, was also leveraged to estimate web and app traffic for the identified companies, to incorporate relevant data that is critical for investment processes.

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