‘What Kind of Entrepreneur are You’ According to Vedic Rishi

A leo turns menacing when cornered, a sag is most brilliant in trouble. What kind of entrepreneur do you make based on your star sign?

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Chandan Tiwari got into astrology as a startup when he and his cofounding team launched Vedic Rishi in December 2015. It’s not just ‘hocus pocus, I’m about to go broke-us’ working on an astrology app. “The aha! moment was that we had customers paying before the launch of the product. After we launched, even without much marketing we have over 100 paying subscribers and everyone has come to us through organic channels. This showcased to us the strength of our product offering,” Chandan said.

Running an astrology consultancy maybe great for the owner, they make money off it; but aren’t desperate customers just spending their money on a crystal ball blowing smoke? “We generally misunderstand astrology. It is not about fortune telling as people believe it to be. Astrology is a unique combination of science and art.

The planetary calculations and other astronomical details are calculated using modern astrological techniques and there are a vast amount of rules which helps in analysing events, behaviour, and psychology of human beings. Astrology is an advising tool which can help you understand yourself better so that you can utilize your potential to the fullest to achieve your goals and ambitions,” Chandan explained.

Here’s what will make you a successful entrepreneur based on your zodiac sign according to Chandan and Vedic Rishi:

ARIES - You see potential in all things and are a risk taker. You are a born

entrepreneur and know how to turn ideas into success. No one can stop you once

your mind is set.

TAURUS - You have the 3 Ps in you – patience, perseverance and passion. Practical

and reliable, you have the knack for attracting investors and multiplying funds.

GEMINI - You are a go-getter with a sharp competitive urge. You are full of

great ideas and see unlimited possibilities in every opportunity.

CANCER - You are a passionate visionary. You are very resourceful and can

come up with creative solutions to challenging problems.

LEO - You are a natural leader and a fearless self-starter.  You have strong intuitions and enjoy taking

charge of things. Nothing is impossible for you.

VIRGO - You are a perfectionist with an eye for detail and precision. Your

analytical and organized mind is capable of finding solutions to the toughest

of problems.

LIBRA - You thrive in partnerships and make excellent entrepreneurs. You are

trustworthy and cooperative by nature.

SCORPIO - You are a pro in money matters and can make a very successful investment entrepreneur.  You are very

insightful and ambitious and know exactly when to strike.

SAGITTARIUS - You make a very motivated and intellectual entrepreneur. You like to

be in control of things; challenging situations bring out the best in you.

CAPRICORN - You are highly ambitious and your pragmatic attitude makes you an

excellent team leader. You believe sheer in hard work and not in shortcuts.

AQUARIUS - Independent, progressive and rational – you are born to lead. You

can come up with unconventional and altruistic ideas which makes you stand apart

from the crowd.

PISCES - You can come up with some incredible money-making plans and ideas. You

are driven more by your senses and instincts than by reasoning

and rationality.

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