'We will Go A Long Way To Play A Hand-sold-hand Distribution Model' - Satendra Vir Singh, Founder, Valueshoppe

In an interview with BW Businessworld, Satendra Vir Singh, Founder, Valueshoppe, shares company's future plans

Value Shoppe is a leading organization offering efficient inventory liquidation solutions for the lifestyle and fashion industry. Incorporated in 2015, Value Shoppe is disrupting the traditional liquidation industry, through innovation, exploiting data, network and technology. Value Shoppe ensures that surplus is intelligently transformed from a burden into a liquid opportunity that fuels the achievement of strategic goals. Through effective inventory liquidation solutions, they provide an informative channelized platform that connects manufacturers to stockist/distributor across the country for bulk clearance. Manufacturers can enlist their products and stockists/ distributors/ retailers/ shopkeeper scan search for their requirements in a hassle-free manner. 

In an interview with BW Businessworld, Satendra Vir Singh, Founder, Valueshoppe, shares company's future plans and business strategies

Please tell us about your journey with ValueShoppe and how did the idea come to you?
The journey started when I realized that there is a need in the market. There was no inventory liquidator as such in the market. There was no prominent name that we can bank upon. I realized that there is a demand in the market and there is no one working on that. Hence, with Valueshoppe we thought of organizing the unorganized. So, on that lines Valueshoppe came up and it has been 18 months and it has been working fine. 

So, what is the kind of feedback that you have been receiving from your vendors, customers etc?
They like the concept and are excited too. They are pleasantly surprised how nobody else has thought about it. We are working as a solution provider not a buying or selling channel. We are a bootstrapped company so far. We are waiting for strategic involvement from someone, unless that is there, there is no point getting invested. If someone can get us capital and direction, I will be willing to take it forward.

Please elaborate on the business model and monetization model, of Valushoppe?
Someone is supposed to clear the unsold goods, things today in the online and offline space cannot work without a distributor, scrap-dealer who can give out instant cash and carry model, but look at the situation currently. With the demonetisation drive, the cash is closed. So, I believe Valushoppe will go a long way to play a hand-sold-hand distribution model and in the cashless drive as well. 

What kind of future plans you have in mind with Valueshoppe?
We wish to see the complete ecosystem in a very organized manner, especially in the domain in which we operate which is fashion and lifestyle and going on to organizing the retail arm by having the maximum reach. And to reach out to people in a way that there is a socio-economic growth for all.

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