‘Transforming India Initiative’ - India’s 1st of Its Kind Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship Programme Launched

TII has received support from NITI Aayog and will be offered in partnership with prestigious academic institutes, IRMA & DMI Patna.

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‘Transforming India Initiative’ (TII), a unique 2 year social entrepreneurship fellowship programme was launched today by ALC India, a social enterprise. The programme is eligible for fresh graduates who nurture entrepreneurial aspirations and young professionals who want to make an impact for the country. The 2 year programme has been designed to give the fellows in-depth entrepreneurial experience and practical knowledge of how to run a venture before they start their own ventures. After completion of the programme, the fellows will receive incubation and funding support for a period of 6 years to set up profitable social enterprises. TII has received support from NITI Aayog and will be offered in partnership with prestigious academic institutes, IRMA & DMI Patna.

ALC India is a 12-year old social enterprise that has been incubating companies belonging to the economically marginalized. It was recently recognised by the NITI Aayog’s Atal Innovation Mission as an established incubation centre and received scale-up support of INR 10 crores to incubate social enterprises, including support to the Transforming India Initiative (TII).

Endorsing the fellowship programme, Mr. Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog said, “Entrepreneurship is an engine of economic and social change as it opens up opportunities for job and wealth creation for those in needs. Hence it is important that we equip the youth of this country to build social enterprises that will create value for the economy and the country. I am sure that TII will be a pioneering initiative that will encourage talented young people join this programme. I am hopeful that initiatives like TII will set an example and will encourage them to contribute to the country and the larger society.”

Since, its inception in 2005, ALC India has impacted 65,000 households in 17 States through 300 Projects. The organization has helped people in the unorganized sector build sustainable livelihoods and double their incomes. ALC India helps incubate enterprises that the communities own - typically cooperatives or producer companies and develops their technical, managerial and entrepreneurial skills, as they move up in the value chain from just being a producer to an entrepreneur.

Announcing the launch of the Transforming India Initiative, Mr. Krishnagopal Grandhi, CEO, ALC India said, “In the current economic scenario, entrepreneurs are key to job creation, at the same time they need to evolve solutions that can address the most pressing challenges facing the country today. With the Transforming India Initiative, we are looking for talented youngsters who have the passion and grit to become social entrepreneurs. We will support them with not just education but also with incubation support to set up their enterprises after completing the fellowship.”

USPs of theTransformation India Initiative (TII)

Transforming India Initiative (TII) is a comprehensive2-year fellowship programme that will equip the fellows to establish profitable social enterprises. Setting it apart from other academic and incubation programmes, TII fellowship is designed to enable fellows to first understand the developmental challenges of the country. It enables fellows to develop an entrepreneurial solution, test and evolve the design and establish an enduring enterprise rather than expect fellows to have an innovative idea at the beginning of the programme itself. TII is unique in the sense that it integrates academics& incubation. Some of its notable USPs are:

  • 6 month facilitated learning module certified by the Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA), including practitioner interactions and reflection workshops
  • 18 month experiential learning module certified by the Development Management Institute Patna, where the fellows will work directly with the founders of social enterprises
  • End-to-end incubation support, including seed fundingfor setting up an enterprise, post fellowship. At the end of the programme, select entrepreneurs, as decided on merit by the independent committee, will receive a financial grant totaling INR 15 Lacs as seed fund for their social ventures
  • Each fellow will be placed with an enterprise in their preferred sector and be paired with a mentor who is aligned to their interests and aspirations. 
  • Fellows will be placed with a social enterprise, where they will work towards solving the enterprise’s real world challenges and accelerate its growth. These social enterprises will be located in cities like Mangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Tirupathi, Bhubhaneshwar and Vishakhapatnam 
  • Post fellowship, ALC India provides access to seed fund of INR 40 Crores, Incubation Space of 20,000 sq.ft, over 30 Industry Experts, and 350 partners.

Who is it for?

The first batch will have an intake limit of 60 candidates. A graduate degree is a minimum requirement to apply for the programme. Graduates from any discipline and professionals with work experience are eligible to apply for this programme. Interested people of any age group are encouraged to apply and their experience will be taken into account when they are placed with an enterprise during the experiential learning module.

Application Process

Each applicant will go through a four-step process that involves Online Application, Psychometric & Aptitude Test, Telephonic Interview and a 2-day direct Assessment. Interested candidates can know more about the programme and apply, on or before July 22, 2017 by visiting the website.

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