‘Maths Workouts’ App Countingwell Raises Pre-Series A Funding

Countingwell is a dedicated maths learning app for students of middle school, studying in classes 6-8. With a singular focus on maths learning, the app has developed a unique and proprietary pedagogy that is designed to build confidence and overcome anxiety around maths among middle school students. It also features a unique learning model via 20-minutes ‘maths workouts’ daily, designed to minimise screen-time.

Bangalore, December 16, 2020: Illuminati Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd., an EdTech startup and the parent company of maths learning app Countingwell today said it has raised a Pre-series A funding round of US$ 1 million (₹7.3 Crore) from Delhi Private School, UAE, and Interstar, an education management company and other angel investors. The startup said it will use the funds for marketing and new market expansion as well as enhancing the platform’s technology content.  


Founded in 2018, Illuminati had recently launched Countingwell app on Google Play and Apple App Store. The startup ambitiously aims to transform maths learning across India through a daily ‘maths workout’ concept. The Countingwell app currently targets middle school children in classes 6-8 and is aligned with the CBSE and NCERT curriculum. It also aims to democratize maths learning for them through a proprietary pedagogy that is designed to build confidence and overcome anxiety around maths. 



Nirmal Shah, Co-founder of Countingwell said, “Countingwell is borne out of two years of research and development of a unique pedagogy, which focuses on inculcating an analytical thought process and developing maths problem-solving skills in children. This round of investment from leading educational operators in India and UAE, even as we are just starting, stands testimony to the strengths of our pedagogy and our unique ‘maths workout’ based learning model.”  


Countingwell helps students learn maths by encouraging them to do a 20-minutes “maths workouts” daily. These workouts are extremely small, micro-learning modules and are uniquely personalised for individual students using a “formative assessment” model. Following a child’s skill gaps assessment, the app accurately identifies the child’s current skill level and learning needs. 


The workouts are highly interactive and encourage enquiry based learning in the child, besides teaching concepts through a question-answer mode. “Our goal is to get school going children to not just learn maths, but love it, encourage a growth mindset and develop a problem-solving attitude towards everything in life,” Shah added. 


“Countingwell has picked the right audience in middle school students, which is not only a highly underserved segment when it comes to learning, but also spans the most important years to build a foundation for future career. We are glad to partner and support them and are confident that their unique learning approach will go a long way in helping children learn maths as well as analytical and problem-solving skills, thus enhancing their all-around development,” said Pravin Batavia, Director, Delhi Private School, UAE. 


“Unlike other educational apps, Countingwell’s singular focus is on maths learning and only maths, this focus has allowed them to develop a unique pedagogy from the ground up with a workout-centric learning model. As operators we believe that Countingwell can make maths a subject that children love, rather than fear or hate. By working with our schools and teachers, Countingwell will ensure that the core values of the product remain focused towards delivering maths proficiency for all children.”, says Amit Kothari, Executive Director of Interstar. 


The Countingwell app is currently available only for Indian users and will soon be launched in several global markets. It uses a subscription-based model for its learning modules.

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