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Latest Articles in women entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a Form of Empowerment

As women are impacted disproportionately by policies and experience high levels of discrimination and abuse, they tend to be marginalised. By creating networks and businesses which help to improve their lives, we can see the long term impact of their economic reach. Jo Ann Hamilton, Founder & CEO, RareBirds Zine, explains in detail.

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RevStart Launches #SheStarts@RevStart; Highlighting its Commitment to Women Entrepreneurship

The first edition saw Ms. Anisha Singh, Founder & CEO –, mentor women entrepreneurs

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How the Startup and E-commerce Revolutions are Leveraging Women Entrepreneurship in India

The startup culture is not just enhancing country’s GDP, but at the same time it is empowering women and garnering to them more entrepreneurial opportunities in both physical and virtual landscape.

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What Do We Do About the Abysmal State of Women Entrepreneurship in India?

The representation by women in entrepreneurship is still abysmal, given that at least half our population is made up of women.

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Women in Leadership

We are now moving towards an age where women are leaving their egos and insecurities behind and are committed to empowering other women.

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TiE-Global Launches AIRSWEEE Initiative to Nurture Women Entrepreneurship in Smaller Cities

The AIRSWEEE initiative has received funding support from the US Mission in India, US Department of State

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