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The Ecosystem is Talking About Startup India Action Plan!

The action plan contains several positive initiatives for Indian startups that look at easing up various regulatory, legal, financial and other challenges faced by them.

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ALKWA: A Water- Ionizer Brand Building a Strong Network to Export in Near-Future

People had difficulty coming down every day to collect water so they requested me to design a homemade water ionizer which I had made for our own use by assembling some parts and modifying them.

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Climbax Entertainment: A Multi-Industry Startup Disrupting the World of VR, Software, Films & Motion Graphics

In the three years since its inception, Delhi based Climbax Entertainment has carved a niche for itself in various challenging domains. With new technologies making their way daily into the market, Climbax Entertainment has the ability to develop versatile products under a single roof.

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7 Things a Startup Should do to be Unsuccessful

Despite such promising statistics, growth in the startup ecosystem has slowed down in recent quarters. With lower fund inflows and layoffs on the rise, smaller startups are merging with stronger, financially and operationally sound companies; or shutting shop as they fail to turn cash flows positive.

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SEBI’s Innovative Plan : Keep Startup in Queues as Govt to People in Front of ATM

SEBI in past have a long list of failed attempt to bring startup companies and investors on its IT Platform (refer our previous article for portal named “Will SEBI's New Efforts Be Able to Attract Listing of Startups”) and AIF, SME and surprisingly this move is an another step only in opposite direction.

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MyGubbi – Transforming the Home Décor Space

MyGubbi services are stemmed from predictability and accountability wherein the services are delivered to the customer within 45 days.

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Cloudatix: Markets Digital Solutions for Smartcities

The company has differentiated its services by performing in-house product development to cater the needs of Smart Cities. Solutions provided are apt for people connected with the internet, IoT, Display Networks or those who deal with Analytics.

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betterU and Pluralsight Partner to Offer Leading-Edge Professional Technology Learning in India

• betterU is tapping into India’s fast-growing online learning market (est. at $40 billion, growing at 17% CAGR), and will now offer Pluralsight to meet the learning needs of 2.6 million developers across India. • betterU will offer Pluralsight’s technology learning platform, which includes expert-authored courses, adaptive skill measurement, directed learning paths and instant live mentoring. betterU will also offer Pluralsight’s gamified interactive lab environment—Code School—to individual learners.

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During this course, the mission would be to establish a sustainable & scalable home services brand through excellence, thus aspiring to be a ₹500 crore company by 2020.

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Exit Interviews! Why Not Have ‘Stay’ Interviews Instead?

If the HR has high credibility and has helped build an organizational culture of trust & fairness is what will automatically result in ‘Stay Interviews’. The sole focus of these discussions should be to addresses a single problem statement for each individual - “What’s pulling you back to reach peak performance?”

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