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BYJU’S and Shah Rukh Khan Partners Up for Children’s Day

SRK says, “As a parent, I believe that if children are taught through a visual medium, they will learn better as smartphones and tablets have become their primary mode of content consumption.”

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The Pocket Aces Series (Part 4)

“With regards to movie theaters, it’s hard to say what 20 years from now will look like, but I don’t see them becoming redundant at least for the next 5-10 years… TV is doing a bad job catering to young urban audiences and we’re plugging that gap.”

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The Pocket Aces Series (Part 3)

“I’m not enough of a visionary to predict the future 20 years from now. The world changes too quickly to be able to see that far out. However, we are seeing certain trends that will shape media over the next few years. Digital, as a delivery medium, is here to stay… The TV is likely to simply become a device on which we consume media…”

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The Pocket Aces Series (Part 2)

“SRK’s [Yes, Shah Rukh Khan] digital team reached out to us when they were looking to create some interesting digital content around his movie, Fan… The video ended up doing some 3 million views, completely organically…”

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The Pocket Aces Series (Part 1)

“A video platform within a social network is the ideal distribution mechanism for a digital media company, especially one that has a strong short-form content focus… At Pocket Aces, we took an early bet on Facebook as a video platform and that paid off tremendously for us.”

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