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Gear Up for the LAUNCH Festival 2017 in San Francisco

Specific Categories such as Water, Drones, Robotics, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Food Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality will be showcased and discussed.

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R2 Robotronics Launches The GIS Variant For DROSNAS

With drones moving fast from hobby to enterprise adoption, R2 Robotronics’ DROSNAS provides the perfect platform for large scale automated drone deployment

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Trio at 'emotix' to Host Emotionally Intelligent Offerings in Next Five Years

MIKO is ready to hit the market in 1Q2017. The launch will be made exclusively in India first and will be available for the global markets later

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Smartron: Aims to Disrupt IoT Market with tronx, AI Powered Platform, Sensors and More

India lacks a robust innovation infrastructure. Therefore, it is indeed very difficult to build capital intense R&D driven companies that require a long time for marketing and break-even. Talent and market are present, but what the country lacks is raising the capital, risk capital.

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Advanced Robotic Technology in the Warehouse: The Brave New World

While the entry of robotics has been slow in the other industries over the last few years, their applications are now fast expanding to various verticals in a variety of new sectors such as e-commerce, FMCG, Retail and Pharmaceuticals. In terms of the geographic expansion, the countries with the highest number of robots are USA, China and Japan.

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