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Is Regulatory Forbearance Hurting the Cryptocurrency Market?

Given the nebulous nature of cryptocurrencies, there has been an ongoing turf war over whether it would be the RBI or SEBI which has appropriate jurisdiction to regulate them.

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InstaReM Gets RBI Approval for Facilitating Overseas Remittances from India

Since starting operations in August 2015, InstaReM has raised $18 million in two rounds of funding.

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RBI Guidelines to Bring Rapid Growth to P2P Lending Platforms

P2P lending model is not only present in India but also in many countries globally and it is growing steadily and getting acceptance as an alternative source of getting money quickly when required and that without much of a hassle.

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BankBazaar Launches ‘#PlayYourPart’ During RBI’s Financial Literacy Week

Launched amidst the ongoing Financial Literacy Week (June 5-9, 2017) as announced by the #RBI, #PlayYourPart campaign highlights the need for financial literacy.

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Paytm Gets the Final Nod from RBI to Go Ahead with its Payments Bank

As per RBI guidelines, payment banks can hold a up to Rs 100,000 per individual customer. However, payments banks are not allowed to issue credit cards or issue loans to users.

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2017: India's Era of Payment Banking

It is true that since payments banks won’t be able to disburse loans, their net interest income will be limited. So, it seems that without traditional banking economics, the road for payment banking players is not too attractive.

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Wallets, Big Ecomms Rejoice But Startups Dealing By COD Slow Down

It’s always the small guys that will suffer. Regardless of PM Modi and many praising the move, his surprise lock down on banks, ATMs and the demonetization of the 500 and 1000 rupees notes will affect the companies who are just getting on their feet.

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Read Founders’ Views on Government's Recent Announcement on the Ban of Rs.500 and 1000 Currency Notes

Without doubt, this will bring down frauds and thefts and costs of printing cash. Overall, if executed well, the costs of doing transactions between buyers and sellers will lower significantly by 2019.

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PM Modi Scraps Rs.500 & 1000 Notes with Immediate Effect from Tonight; Rs 2000 Note Comes in Circulation

“For a few days, cash up to Rs.2000/- only can be withdrawn from ATMs. This will be enhanced to Rs.4000/- later on. The withdrawal limit for ATM will eventually be fixed at Rs.10,000/- per day and Rs.20,000/-per week”.

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