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Latest Articles in ransomware

Artificial Intelligence Could Be Antidote For Recurring Cyber Attacks

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence powered security solutions, with the capacity to constantly monitor digital systems, predict and detect upcoming threats and self create preventive solutions, at the same swiftness, could be the ideal antidote

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Digital Transformation & Security: A Perspective

With Digital India, Smart Cities and Citizen e-Services becoming our mark of the transformation of government and public processes for the best of all of us, it is very timely we should re-look at our security aspects

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WannaCry May Give Xi a Reason To Smile; But Is There a Final Solution?

China's product (software developed as an alternative) two decades after their introduction, neither has gained the traction needed to knock out Windows off its perch.

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Over 48,000 Detected Attempts of WannaCry Ransomware Attacks in India

This of an estimated 2 lakh attacks; Kolkata tops the list of cities with maximum detections followed by Delhi, Bhubaneshwar, Pune, and Mumbai

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What if Cybersecurity Threats like ‘WannaCry’ Affects Our Aadhaar System?

“This underscores importance of security in the system we are building with Aadhaar. The lead agency has played defensive and offensive each time any researcher highlights flaws or leaks.”

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