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Latest Articles in management

Boardrooms In Crisis

Even with the private companies, the average retail investor and analyst knows little about what happens in these august boardrooms.

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Panasonic India Announces New Leadership Roles To Strengthen Management Team

Panasonic Corporation announces key appointments and changes in its senior management team, including two strategic management promotions from India

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3 Traits That Will Kill Your Career

Anger is an absolute deal breaker. Who wants to be around someone unable to properly process their emotions?

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Short Term Returns V/s Wealth Creation

As can be seen clearly, for periods of 1 year or less, the probability of making losses (as per historical data) is quite high – 42% in one month period, 40% in 3 months period, 36% in 6 months period and 32% in 1 year period.

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Leader As Strategist

Bold and visionary leaders take their companies in the exciting new directions. Their confidence and right decision making ability are crucial for leadership and change

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Accountability: New Mantra For Successful Leader

Successful leaders practice the virtue of accountability. The term might be ubiquitous but it is a vital input to better results and high performance

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Only 25% Entrepreneurs Have a Defined Second Line of Management: Report

The report aims to understand entrepreneurs’ readiness for scalable growth and the challenges they face in doing so across seven parameters – customer, leadership, people, operations, finance and transactions, risk management, and technology.

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4 Stages A Startup Should Go Through To Avoid Legal Ruin

As a new entrepreneur you not only have the task of convincing the world that your idea will work, but you also have to ensure your startup observes all legal obligations to ensure its long-term success. Going through these four stages will enable your startup to be legally ready to take the plunge and see your business take shape.

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