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9 Marketing Hacks You Can't Afford to Ignore

All startups want to succeed, obviously. The difference is in the way of doing things and the uniqueness of their ideas.

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IQLECT: Aims to Grow in the Real-Time Data Analytics Sector from $4 Billion in 2016 to $20 Billion in 2021

While working on few products in companies like Amazon and Microsoft, where we had to deal with high volume and high speed data in almost real time manner, we as team struggled and even after huge collective efforts we were not able to handle things on expected lines and not to mention could not process all data in quasi real time as desired.

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REPUP: Expansively Growing Its Customer Base At 600% & Are Planning To Go Global Soon

REPUP is a B2B ORM – Online Reputation Management platform. It provides customer experience management tools for hotels and hospitality businesses. The platform helps hotels to measure, benchmark and improve the user experience of their guests.

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Innovation Can Invigorate Growth

I am passionate about innovation, and I believe agencies that consistently explore culture and innovation, as a part of their business strategy, will realise significant returns.

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