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8 Upcoming Startup Events in 2017 For Techies

The startups founders look forward to attending conferences, events and most importantly summits. They are the opportunities to meet the right people and make the right connections, and ofcourse an ocean of knowledge.

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10 Global Bitcoin Players You Should Know About

The bitcoin revolution kickstarted with the evolution of a few startups that took major steps in ensuring wider adoption of bitcoins.

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Telecom Aggregation Converting Days to Hours in Connection Activations

10digi is funded by its parent company, SoftAge Information Technology Ltd. and has received over Rs.75 lac for Delhi-NCR region and the parent company plans to further invest another Rs.2 crore across metro cities.

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Indian Startups are Leaders In Low-Cost Innovation

What’s happening in Fintech in India, nobody can replicate. Today, the private & public sector together has created the lowest cost banks that we have in India. We are doing transaction today in India, bank to bank at 0%. That is what is UPI is doing and where is this innovation happening? In India!

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Action-Packed DAY 1 at TiECON Chandigarh 2017

Keynote speakers in the next hour were Richard Rekhy, CEO KPMG India, Arvind Gupta, Head Digital India Foundation who spoke about how big opportunities lie ahead of Indian startup founders in the coming few years.

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‘Soon To Be Unicorns’ : India’s Top 40+

The companies which are market leaders, mostly function successfully if they have a first mover advantage or are uniquely positioned with a sound monetization model. They tend to grow with or without raising a great amount of investment from outside or going public (in IPO).

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#Feedback : What Entrepreneurs Say About BW Disrupt

BW Disrupt is celebrating its 1st anniversary today and conducted a feedback program in which founders and investors have shared their views about the platform.

Read More Plans to Cater Top 100 Cities Over Next 4 Years

During this course, the mission would be to establish a sustainable & scalable home services brand through excellence, thus aspiring to be a ₹500 crore company by 2020.

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Chalk N Dust: Aims to Develop a Learning App and Increase Presence in Each State

We believe in the quote “Work relentlessly until your idols become your competition” Our competitors and inspiration are Allen, Vedantu and BYJU's

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Shuttl: India's Bus Aggregator Aims to Solve Daily Commuting Problems of Close to 10K People In Delhi-NCR

Shuttl app enables customers to design routes, book a guaranteed AC seat, track the arriving bus on map, navigate to pickup point, board the bus with authentication, and comfortably travel to the destination enjoying music, reading or just relaxing. Commuting with Shuttl reduces congestion, pollution, stress on city infrastructures (toll plaza, parking spaces), and gives back precious travel time that was lost earlier in driving/standing.

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