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Latest Articles in fashion industry

What to Expect in 2018 in Fashion Industry?

It has also become incredibly important for fashion companies to start taking data driven decisions. This is not restricted just to marketing but across the span of the business.

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Future of Fashion industry: India in 2050

The fashion industry will witness more use of materials such as polymer threads, which are five times thinner than human hair. There will also be more use of sustainable fabric and material with environmental consciousness becoming a more common refrain in recent times, especially amongst the youth.

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Robot Wears Prada: Fashion Industry Of The Future

Custom is key to novelty in the future. Artificial intelligence makes room for personalizing products and experiences for shoppers, without the hassle of logistics

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The Biggest Sin is Falling for Your Own PR

Know that PR is just sizzle, else you will fizzle. From an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, here are 5 things even Gucci did to become a superstar fashion label.

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