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Latest Articles in entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a Form of Empowerment

As women are impacted disproportionately by policies and experience high levels of discrimination and abuse, they tend to be marginalised. By creating networks and businesses which help to improve their lives, we can see the long term impact of their economic reach. Jo Ann Hamilton, Founder & CEO, RareBirds Zine, explains in detail.

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Why Value Creation Is Vital To Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs that work and act on the rather parochial vision of fostering expectations, subject, not only their companies but also dreams, to decisions that can prove to be difficult to undo. However, value creation understandably poses no risk or harm to business.

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Hyderabad Gears Up To Host Global Entrepreneurship Summit

US President Donald Trump's daughter and advisor Ivanka Trump will lead a delegation from her country at the three-day event

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'Our Long-term Goal is to Reach 10% of the Overall Lending Industry' - Naveen Kukreja,

There are three primary reasons why startups fail: mismatch between customer need and proposition; entrepreneurs mistaking great ideas to be big milestones; and lack of funds for projects. My advice to those starting out is to keep these factors in mind and take quick actions whenever necessary

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'Running a Startup is One of the Most Simplest Things a Person Can Do' - Saket Modi, Lucideus

Focus shouldn’t be on it, instead it should be on solving a real problem in the best possible manner using all that’s available as resources, and most importantly, ensuring you are having fun solving the problem

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Your job in the first six to nine months is to quickly and effectively find if you have an opportunity to execute upon. Stay focused on it

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Get My Parking Plans to Go International in Next 3-6 Months

The government tendering process is still more or less closed for startups. They need to put some serious thought around their procurement norms

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5 Shades of Entrepreneurship

Start-up venture is a team game and the success of the venture depends on how well-oiled your wheel is. If one cog is not moving well, then others have to fill in and get the wheel going at the desired speed.

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Entrepreneurship and Technology: Making Indians More Independent

Internet has changed the way we look at a problem and then deal with it. Be it the newbies or the old-aged, the technology upgrade facilitated by the entrepreneurs has successfully made everyone more independent. Independence from asking for favours for trivial things such as, bill payment, transportation, e-shopping, household chores, etc.

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NIELIT Launches “Saksham - Power of She” to Encourage Entrepreneurship Among Women Under Digital India

Over 200 female students from NIELIT Centres at Chandigarh, Guwahati, Patna, Ajmer and Srinagar interact virtually with women entrepreneurs and experts to learn more about entrepreneurship development

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