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Media Veteran Pradeep Iyengar Turns Entrepreneur, Enters into Display Space in India

Along with Kruti Promotions, Pradeep has partnered with Noble Group worldwide to bring focus on a vision which envisages to "change the landscape of displays" in the country.

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Behind Every Successful Entrepreneur is a Mother!

Being an entrepreneur is hard, being a mother is tougher.

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Narendra Modi Is My Favourite Entrepreneur: Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi

Dara Khosrowshahi admires Modi’s entrepreneurial skills and commitment to progressive economic reforms in India, which accounts for 10 per cent of the total trips on the Uber rides app globally

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Why Must Every Entrepreneur Practice "HoRenSo"?

HoRenSo is most frequently practiced in Japanese businesses, but as a recipe for effectiveness and competence, almost any company – startup or established can take advantage of it.

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Celebrating Independence - The Entrepreneur Way

"Freedom to me is to not only take but also give people around you the opportunity to evolve, grow, succeed and be happy."

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What Does Freedom Mean to Entrepreneurs?

Complete freedom would mean that the new generation of entrepreneurs can create sustainable ventures in the shortest period of time in their own country.

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Freedom for an Entrepreneur in Today’s India

In the time to come, I hope to see more and more youngsters take the entrepreneurial plunge, with Fintech, health and fitness, education and agriculture likely to be the most attractive sectors.

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The Best Time to be an Entrepreneur in India

Many new-age entrepreneurs today don't come from traditional business families; they need a supporting ecosystem to nurture them. The entrepreneur

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The Story of a Failed Entrepreneur and His Tryst with Depression

The runway that you have for yourself is very important before you decide to take a plunge into entrepreneurship, the biggest mistake I did and now in retrospect when I look back, I can only blame and abuse myself.

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