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AI, VR, Big Data and Its Impact on Digital Marketing

The real future of AR is how it can help us get varied content and services which are already in use with a better and improved experience.

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Need for Big Data Intelligence in an Enterprise World

Big Data, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will define industries - both new ones and old, transforming data into a valuable knowledge asset and a catalyst for disruption.

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6 Hot Tech Trends for 2017

Data sciences and machine learning is going to be on everyone’s radar and that’s not rocket science.

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Smartron: Aims to Disrupt IoT Market with tronx, AI Powered Platform, Sensors and More

India lacks a robust innovation infrastructure. Therefore, it is indeed very difficult to build capital intense R&D driven companies that require a long time for marketing and break-even. Talent and market are present, but what the country lacks is raising the capital, risk capital.

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Fuzzy Logix Will Help You Make Sense Of All That Data

“At present, it is the fastest, most efficient and scalable analytics engine available in the market…” Fuzzy Logix is a company that last raised 5.5 million dollars in November, 2015. Founded in North Carolina, USA, by ex-investment bankers the predictive-analytics-for-Big-Data company also has offices in Bangalore and growing fast with its flagship product in a billion dollar Big Data tech and services market.

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