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Ajeet Khurana is One Blessed Angel (Investor)

Leave behind the worries and stresses of being part of the startup ecosystem. Let’s celebrate some good news this Holi 2017!

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Startup Funding Alert: Sebi Relaxes Rules For Angel Investing

Sebi announced the lock-in period has been reduced from 3 years to 1 year for angel funds with minimum investment threshold slashed from rupees 50 lakh to rupees 25 lakh.

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Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder Of ShopClues & Droom, Bets Big On International Startups

The prolific investor gives a lot of importance to tech-driven businesses and looks for attributes like his own– high energy, passion and long-term vision. He has already invested in Shopsity, Poolmyride and AYN Netwok.

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Why An Angel Investor Says NO

Always remember, your business is to build a great start-up, investor's business is to invest money in a great start-up to get high returns – founders and investors are partners on the same side of the game.

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