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Latest Articles in agriculture

How Contract Farming can Help the Hapless Farmers in India

Around 70% of the total population in India directly or indirectly depends on agriculture to earn their livelihood. While India is a predominantly agriculture economy, the condition of farmers in the country is alarming. Around 80 percent of those involved in the agricultural sector comprise of small and marginal farmers.

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Budget 2018 Must Stop Throwing Money at Rural Farmer Distress

Instead let’s focus on creating policies that encourage farmers to think more like savvy businesspeople and less like objects knuckled under nature’s mercy.

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What to Expect in 2018 in Agriculture?

Agri-tech is going to be a major contributor to making agriculture more remunerative in the coming year, and that will also contribute to bringing in the much-needed glamour to agriculture. This

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India Israel Innovation Bridge Invites Startup Proposals in Agriculture, Water & Digital Health

Israel-India Innovation Bridge is a tech platform to facilitate bilateral co-operation between Indian and Israeli Startups, tech hubs, corporations and other key innovation ecosystem players.

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Bringing Sharing Economy to Agriculture Using Digitization

With the largest contribution in terms of workforce and employment, agriculture is not a sector to be ignored.

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Innovative Technologies that will Empower Agriculture in 2017

Nano fertilizers can help minimize leaching, improve nutrients in plants and so on. Nanotech devices are also being developed in the field of genetics.

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When A 51 Year Old Ad Veteran Decides To Become A Farmer

A corporate veteran with no background in farming decided to build a company producing the cleanest, freshest fruit and vegetables available after a health scare and seeing a vegetable vendor wash carrots using sewage water.

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TheAgrihub - A One Stop Discovery Platform For Agricultural Needs

In the coming 6 months, Theagrihub will be adding close to 500 more companies whose presence is both local & global. In the growth stage, the company will also focus on both conventional as well as hi tech agriculture by which it will have an extended reach in the market.

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