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Y Combinator Launching Program for Bio Tech Startups; Offers More Money

Instead of the standard deal for YC companies, $120,000 invested for 7 percent ownership, companies will be offered any amount between $500,000 and $1 million for 10 to 20 percent ownership.

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Startups, Mind Your Unit Economics

Unit economics are the financials associated with cost and earn of a unit of something in your business. Cost to make a unit of your product, cost to attain a customer, what you earn per customer, etc. Quotes from Y Combinator’s Sam Altman to remind you why good unit economics is golden.

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Quotes To Inspire Budding Entrepreneurs From Y Combinator

President of Y Combinator, Sam Altman shares his insight into the world of startups with people who would like to be a part of this exciting, fast paced ecosystem. Y Combinator (YC) is an American seed accelerator and has been called one of the most influential and powerful agencies in the world creating some of the biggest innovative startups the world has ever seen like Dropbox, Airbnb and Reddit.

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