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Why the Future Belongs to Officeless Offices

“Women, unable to continue due to family reasons, are allowed to go. In times of the internet, emails, and smartphones, officeless offices can be the game-changer.”

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Women Entrepreneurs Who Ruled the Startup Space in 2016

From early 20's to mid 40's these women are changing the dimensions of the startup world. Just like a woman raises her baby, similarly their ventures are no less than a baby for them.

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Welcome To SaleBhai’s World Of Regional Goodies

“We have seen people from Uttarakhand ordering bal mithai from Dehradun; Punjabis ordering phirni; Rajasthanis opting for tilpatti, Rajasthani peda, and Rajasthani handicrafts.”

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SaleBhai: to Reach Breakeven In October 2016 Due to First Mover Advantage

SaleBhai’s current market size is around Rs 30,000 Cr to 35,000 Cr annually keeping in mind the population of migrants in India’s top. The overall retail sales in India are projected to double to $1 trillion by 2020 from $600 billion last year, according to the Boston Consulting Group. It also says that e-commerce sales are projected to quadruple in the next five years, to $60 billion or $70 billion.

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