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Latest Articles in LogiNext

The Gujarati Woman Who Broke Free to Set Up EFI Hub

Anu used to work at a Mumbai call centre for less than 10,000 rupees a month. Now she is slowly building a network of mentors and investors to help startups across Africa and India.

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An Overview Of The Next “Fedex”

Here’s a use case from our biggest client and India's largest 3PL service provider when used LogiNext system: Fuel Saved in a month: more than 20,000 dollars Number of hours saved per day: 4.5 Shipments per day: 75,000

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ICYMI: Tip To Small, New Ecomm Players: Delegate Shipping Logistics To Established, Trusted Players

Lessons from eTailing India’s Conference, “Voice of Indian eCommerce”: Packaging and shipping is not a glamorous part of ecommerce, but boy, is it crucial. At the end of the day it’s about creating customer convenience not convenience of the delivery team.

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LogiNext Acquires YourGuy, Aims to Expand its Tech-driven Delivery Vertical Named “Sprintr"

After carrying 4000 deliveries per day, YourGuy has already worked for clients from multiple segments including Pharmaceuticals, Documents, Food, Retail, Laundry and Grocery. As an acclaimed B2B delivery portal, working with clients like Wellness Forever, Doormint, Healthsaverz, Suburban Diagnostics, Spicebox and Tiffin Services, YourGuy perfectly fits the vision and expansion plans for LogiNext.

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