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Let it Wag, An App for Animal Lovers, Looks to Raise Funds on Crowdfunding Platform, Ketto

‘Let It Wag’ helps you when help is most needed, in an Emergency. It immediately connects you with nearby area-specific animal lovers in real time for rescue purposes.

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Tara Eyes Crowdfunding to Find Out ‘Why Indian Men Rape’

Tara is trying to raise a million rupees online to find out why Indian men rape and how to break the cycle of perpetuated violence

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India’s Women Ice Hockey Crowd Funded Over 3 Million Rupees On Ketto

Glaciers of grit and fire in their hearts, their bid to raise funds and keep the game alive ended successfully. This is the story of India’s women ice hockey team.

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7 Stories That Define Women Empowerment

We’re high on inspiration. How wonderful is it to read stories of women who found their calling and acted on it? Today’s the perfect day to infect you with a dose of this very inspiration we speak of.

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ICYMI: Sebi Announcing Online Funding Platforms to be Contravening Raised Hairs

It’s still illegal or more accurately a legal grey area in India while in the US crowdfunding is encouraged by the authorities. One such platform (GREX) contradicts media reports. Read on for more.

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Top 10 Fizzing Startups in the City of Dreams: Mumbai

Obino is indian Mobile Weight Loss Coach, that follows a pronged Strategy to get you in proper size - a devoted health coach, personalised diet -fitness plans & unique mobile - app based tools that are with you all the time.

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