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Latest Articles in Esri India

Esri India Rolls Out ‘GeoInnovation’ with Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science

The department has partnered with leading Geographical IT company, Esri India to launch ‘GeoInnovation’, a challenge for GIS enabled tech startups.

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Esri India Launches mApp, the App Development Challenge

The challenge is open to students associated with institutions that are users of Geospatial or ArcGIS technology

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Jack, the Map Making Billionaire (Net Worth $4.2Bn)

“A lot of people don’t know you” we told the tall, lanky man Forbes calls the godfather of digital maps. He replied, “I prefer to keep it that way’, period.

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It’s Time Geospatial Tech Got Noticed By The Government.

Dr. Swarna Subba Rao, Surveyor General of India says the Centre must recognize importance of geospatial data and encourage more private sector participation.

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T-Hub Launches ‘GIS Innovation Hub’ Powered by Esri India

Hub to provide GIS ecosystem to the start-up community of Hyderabad

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Indian GIS Startups Are Using Maps For Cutting Edge Work

These startups are using digital maps to do bigger things than find out the nearest coffee shop. Innovation in these areas however come at a great price, literally..."That’s why we work with Esri India as one of their emerging business partners,” says these entrepreneurs.

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