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Latest Articles in Blockchain

Diving Into Blockchain - Get Fundamentals Right

Transformational technologies have redistributed wealth time and again. If history doesn't repeat itself, it surely rhyme with blockchain technology

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ISME ACE Fintech Accelerator Focuses on Startups Leveraging Technologies Such as SMAC, AI & Blockchain

'Seed fund, mentorship, sales & marketing support, legal & accounting support, etc. are some ways in which we can help the Startups and that’s what the plan is at ISME ACE,' says Radha Kapoor Khanna.

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Post Brexit Vote, English Startup ‘Blockchain’ Gets $40M in Largest Round Ever for a Cryptocurrency Startup

It’s the largest Series B round by any digital currency startup. The CEO and Cofounder, Peter Smith said they have secured funding from Sir Richard Branson, Lakestar, Google’s VC arm and more.

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I Was Just Getting Used to Bitcoin When Ethereum Came Along

Positive global sentiment spurs bitcoin past $3,000 and Ethereum appreciates by 5000% since January 2017

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Blockchain, the Future of Audit, and What It Means for Businesses

Blockchain is a method of recording data, a digital ledger of transactions, agreements, contracts and bills distributed across several hundred or even thousands of computers around the world.

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Betting Against the Odds on Bitcoins

In a digitally connected world, this new system can solve the challenges attached with money transfers, remittance, currency exchange and universal e-commerce.

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IT Investments Grow At 2.7% In 2017. That’s Lower Than Expected.

Most impacted will be those cutting edge startups looking emerging technologies like blockchain, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.5 trillion in 2017, a 2.7 percent increase from 2016, according to Gartner, Inc. However, this growth rate is down from earlier projections of 3 percent.

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Zurich, London to India: Twenty Thirty (2030) Wants To Decentralize Power Of The Corporate World

2030 is a new company similar to an accelerator and a radical movement headed by Harvard and Stanford alumnus David Siegel, the world's first web designer. David is also a world renowned business blockchain expert, investor, prolific author, and startup coach working mostly out of Silicon Valley and Zurich. 2030 is actually more than a company or a movement. It also wants to release its own currency too.

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Fintech Update: Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts Can Save 16 Billion Dollars

The report from Capgemini draws on extensive discussions and initial trials with industry professionals, prominent smart contract startups and academics from the financial services sector, predicting mainstream adoption beginning 2020.

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