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Latest Articles in Anthill Ventures

Anthill Ventures & Suresh Productions Launch Anthill Studio, a Business Accelerator Program for Tech Startups

Anthill Ventures and its network of investors will look at investing up to $1 million in each of the most promising media and entertainment start-ups.

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Anthill Ventures Raising $25M to Scale Startups to Series A within 12 Months

Anthill, according to sources is on the lookout for investors at tech conferences like Web Summit. At least half the targeted corpus size is expected to be fulfilled by first quarter of 2018.

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mishTag - A Shopping Q&A App Raises Seed Round from M&Y Partners, SVG Media, Anthil Ventures and Other Angels

The startup raised an angel round from the likes of M&Y Partners, SVG Media, Anthill Ventures, and other angels. It’s also being supported by 91springboard, along with several great entrepreneurs and thinkers from Internet Industry who believe in their shoot for the moon ideals.

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