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Startup Ecosystem of Brics Nations

Wondering about how easy or difficult it is to deal with the startup ecosystem in emerging economies? Why this hullabaloo about investing and running a new business…? Where would you find investors, what is the competition in BRICS nations? Look below to find out:-


Brazil is known for many things- from beautiful beaches to the 2014 World Cup but we cannot forget that it is one of the strongest economies in the world. Interestingly, Brazil is also home to diverse startup companies like Nubank, ContaAzul, and Resultados Digitais, to Pipefy, Cortex Intelligence, and Descomplica and these sprawling ecosystem in Brazil increasingly alluring investors from all over the world. A lot of investors are also very active in raisng funding like Redpoint,, and Qualcomm Ventures. However, Brazil has made a few macro economically unsound decisions over the last few years, which is why “Custo Brazil” has complicated things further. It can be complicated and expensive to operate here, taxes are high, and confusing. Even labour laws can be difficult to deal with, these issues have scared a number of American VCs over the past few years and therefore there is a slight crunch right now. Seed money and later stage money comes easily than in the middle.

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