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Russian President. Ex – KGB. Total Baddie. Entrepreneurs, 5 Times Be Motivated By Putin

Vladimir Putin. You can’t really call him the best model for diplomatic, conscientious wielding of power. But one thing he can be applauded for is his sustained growth in his respective field. Feels like his influence has only been growing since he joined the KGB in the late 70s. From Crimea to the US elections, Putin’s web of influence seems to growing wider by the day. How did he do it? How did he manage to move through the global ranks so swiftly and persistently? Moreover, how can we rev up our own entrepreneurial spirits by studying the man Forbes magazine calls the most powerful man of 2016?

2. Be aggressive in business.

Photo Credit : Business Insider

After Crimea was annexed by the Russians, the US and EU imposed sanctions. It’s the kind of reaction from large economies that would scare most leaders. Not Putin. The Russians played hardball and threw sanctions right back at them.

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