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5 Mistakes of My Startup Life

Not adhering to the rules made by the world, some risk-takes try to build a world of their own. There is nothing wrong in it, its just reflects courageous souls who believe that their ideas are worth taking a plunge. The qualities that we associate with entrepreneurs are- Spontaneity, Quick-Decision Makers, Balancing, Methodical, Sharpness, Visionary and a Leaders. Those are not just big words, but big expectations... and its quiet difficult to match all those at once. So, some fall and fail but some stand again seek a second chance. If you are reading this, have a look at the top five mistakes that founders would want to avoid in their next startup innings.

Incomplete research can be injurious to the startup's health

Not doing adequate research before starting a venture can be hazardous. Give initial research at least 2 weeks-1 month, otherwise new competitors and unforeseen roadblocks might will emerge. The first hundred days, post the launch will actually reflect and show, the hard work is done in pre-planning period.

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