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5 Basic Privacy Settings For Facebook You Should Know

Facebook, a social media platform used by millions of people around the world is accused of misusing, selling user data. Big Data is a term used for data generated by the internet users on different platform, which can be misused and can be used for people’s benefit. Here arises the problem of security of the data. Recently, Facebook data privacy has been breached by Cambridge Analytica firm which analyse the big data. To secure one’s Facebook profile data, user must do at least these five major privacy setting in their profile.

Privacy Contact

You can restrict yourself from unwanted friend requests and sharing your personal email and contact number by unauthorised user. For doing this , you have to go to privacy section and answer the question ‘Who can send you friend request’, ‘Who can see your friend list’ and other similar questions. It is recommended to set the post privacy at ‘Friends Only’ or ‘Only Me’ by Facebook for better privacy of a profile.


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